It’s almost time for people to go on vacations! Whether you’re going out of the country or just out of town, make sure you have a nice bag to put all your stuff in. Here’s something that you can use on your outing!

The Hello Kitty suitcase is 37 cm x 52 cm x 22 cm. It has built-in locks, so you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your valuables inside your bag.

An interesting surprise also awaits you when you pop it open.

 Yep, even its interior is kitty-fied!


The suitcase is 16,590 yen.


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Here are some spreads of the Hello Kitty feature on Vogue Nippon. Not only do these feature your favorite feline, but you can also try and identify who the famous celebrities are who love her as much as you do!


Your favorite white feline is not only appearing in clothing on the catwalk (pun intended), she’s also now modeling high fashion items!

Vogue Japan’s June issue features Hello Kitty modeling the latest autumn and winter designs of John Galliano of Dior. She not only poses with the designer, but she also goes on a shopping spree in the fashion spread - in Paris, no less.

This is the first time Dior, fashion powerhouse, has had a cartoon character model its entire collection. “Japanese animation and characters have been a strong influence on the fashion world in the last few seasons, but Kitty is special,” according to an official of Conde Nast Japan, publisher of Vogue Nippon. “Fashion people all know her name and face and always say they love her. That’s why we at Vogue wanted to do something involving her.”

You can now get the Vogue Nippon June issue at newsstands where these are sold, as the magazine was released 26 April 2008.


Welcome to Sanrio Land! Finally, our closed beta testers can now start playing Hello Kitty Online! Only hours into the start of the closed beta, we have testers chatting, farming, playing minigames, doing quests and just enjoying the game. )

Welcome to Hello Kitty Online!

To our beta testers, if you need any help during the game,  you can PM or approach any of your GMs wearing yellow uniforms for males, and teal/light blue uniforms for females.

For those who have not received the packages, please see the announcement in the previous post. Additionally, please note that we will he having scheduled server maintenance daily from 13:00 - 14:00 Hong Kong Time (GMT +8).

See you in the game! )


Sanrio and Atmos have done it again! The team-up that produced Hello Kitty Men’s wear have now teamed up with Porter to come up with these gorgeous bags featuring your favorite white cat.

Predominantly white, blue, red, and yellow, the bags come in all shapes and sizes, from pouches to messenger bags - to fit your needs and tastes. You can never go wrong with these bags!


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