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Here are a few pictures from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade of hello Kitty! Most of these were found on Flickr.

super hello kitty balloon 1

super hello kitty balloon 2

super hello kitty balloon 3

Isn’t it so awesome and huge? It must have been an amazing experience for the people who got to saw this live! A Super Hero hello Kitty flying over-head! Wow!

Thanks to pllnczk, Andante Vivace, and PhotosByCarolyn for the photos! And belated happy thanksgiving everyone!

sanrio logo macy's thanksgiving day parade

SANRIO and Macy’s are pleased to announce that signature brand Hello Kitty will participate in the 81st Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. On November 22nd at 9:00am, the world famous pop icon will make her debut as a giant helium balloon soaring down Broadway in the unique entertainment extravaganza that serves as the official start of the holiday season.

“The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is such a great holiday tradition. We are so excited that Hello Kitty will be part of it,” says Andrea Sobel VP of Marketing for Sanrio Inc. “We can’t wait to see her flying over New York City!”

The Hello Kitty balloon, designed by the magicians of the Macy’s Parade Studio, will be in the “Hello Kitty Super Cute” design — a contemporary combination of superhero & Japan-esque graphics, in primary pop art colors. Complete with cape & tiara, “Hello Kitty Super Cute” will join the legendary line-up of giant helium character balloons, amazing floats, America’s best marching bands, performance groups, clowns, celebrity performers and the one and only Santa Claus. The Macy?s Parade marks the start of the Holiday season and is seen live by over 3.5 million spectators, and over 50 million television viewers nationwide. To mark this momentous occasion, SANRIO will produce a limited edition commemorative “Hello Kitty Super Cute” plush, that will be available to collector’s at select SANRIO stores and at the newly re-vamped www.sanrio.com.

“Hello Kitty is an international superstar, and this balloon has been on my personal wish list for as long as I’ve run the Parade,” says Robin Hall, executive producer of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. “I can tell you that everyone at Macy’s is as excited as I am to welcome Sanrio to the Macy’s Parade family.”

Before her big debut on Thanksgiving Day, the new Hello Kitty balloon will be officially unveiled, inflated and test flown at Macy’s Balloonfest on Saturday, November 3rd. All new balloons in the Parade line-up earn their flying credentials at this final test before their first flight down Broadway. Keep an eye on www.sanrio.com for additional events & www.macysparade.com for updated Parade information.

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hello kitty snowman plushhello kitty snowman plush backhello kitty snowman plush mascot charm

hello kitty snowman plush close-up It’s almost time for the Christmas season and Hello Kitty has a special plush for your decorating needs!

The Hello Kitty Snowman (or should I say, "Snowgirl"?) is a two-colored plush which is white in the front and pink at the back. It also has a tiny Hello Kitty mascot in the back pocket you can remove to carry along in your bag or mobile phone!

This cute plush is currently priced at 3,675 Yen in Sanrio Japan. You may visit their site for more information.

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