Fans of Ipods and Hello Kitty will love this specially designed Ipod Case available in your Sanrio Shop! Now you can protect your Ipod and have Hello Kitty wherever you go.

Kudos to the people in Sanrio Japan for designing a must have item for all music lovers world wide!

umbrella.pngThe votes and comments have been talied! And now you can pre-order your Hello Kitty Dream Item in Sanriotown! Click on the Kitty Shop tab today and see if your favorite products have made it to the top 3!

Don’t like the items on the list? Tell us about it over at the Sanriotown forums! We might just consider your requests and add your item in another pre-order form!

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Winter in Japan calls for Oden, a Japanese dish based on soy-flavored dashi broth and ingredients such as boiled eggs, daikon radish, konnyaku and processed fish cakes.

Since people are always on the go, Hello Kitty has decided to make it easier for her fans by providing them with a canned oden that you can simply reheat.

Thanks to Tokyo Times for the images..!

As quoted from KT Sanctuary

Go click the image~ Or if you don’t wanna, here’s what it says: “I’m impressed. No cuter sandwich press has ever existed in the history of humankind. That’s just a fact.”

Well you already know (also, it’s right there), but O is the lifestyle magazine of the infamous Oprah Winfrey, and yes, those are her words. Hahaha~ Can you imagine her making sandwiches in the morning using our very own Hello Kitty’s sandwich press? And also I’d like to take this time to say…that those sandwiches are so cute. I want one. I want to make them and give them to friends. I want to poke them too (no I won’t poke the ones I’ll be giving out). No really, my brother will probably weep and mourn if I do, but I just might buy this if I see it. P

Then if I ever see Oprah in person, we can share sandwich press stories. Harharhar~

Quoted from @}~,~~roseate~~’~{@

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