Rainbow Kisses
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Well today I went to the vet for myCockerspainel, Dusty, and he was fine.  He had a tummy ache but i fine now.  Then I went to eat with my family and then we went to Ceal’s Ice Cream.  It is like the Coldstone Creamery.  What they do is you pic and ice cream then add as many toppings as you want.  They mix all the toppings inside to make your ouwn ice cream.  I got  Cakebatter Ice Cream and i got Kit Kats, Reece’s Pieces, and peanut butter sause.  It was good.  I might now get kit kat next time because the chocolate sperated form the waffre part and it formed a big chocolate plate.  I don’t like chocolate so yeah. It was YUMMY though.

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