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April 12th, 2008 by hellokitty1222:hellokitty.com

Well today I had to baby sit.  Nothing too interesting.  But I have not been writing here for awhile but I will start to.


March 15th, 2008 by hellokitty1222:hellokitty.com

well today I went to my second Jonas Brothers concert!!  It was so AMAZING.  It was waaaaaaaaaay different than my last one.  They a way bigger crowd than last time.  Also they played songs off their newest CD whick came out last august (they only played like 2 last concert from new CD).  I was one of the best experiences.

Jonas Brothers!!

August 14th, 2007 by hellokitty1222:hellokitty.com

well on AUGUST 9th I went to see the JONAS BROTHERS in SIX FLAGS NEW ENGLAND.  I waited inline for about 4 hours and inside the gate I waited another like hour and a half.  It was only standing.  And if you go to their Official YouTube page, you can see Joe doing a dance in a Superman Cape.  That was the concer I went to.

They did something they never have done before.  If you brought your Cd or bought one there, they would autograph it for you.  I pre-ordered their Cd so my dad said I couldn’t get another one :(  Atleast he bought me a shirt.  But I wish I could get their autograph but atleast I was lucky enough to be able to go.

Also some people were waiting for like 8 hours and poeple were passing out inline becuase it was that hot out.  If you got there when it opened, you could get VIP tickets (have to buy 2 starburst bags) that got you to stand in front of the stage and if you bought differentthe VIP tickets, you got a Meet and Greet.  Both things sold out in 45 minutes and I got there at like3-4 hours after they opened.  Well i know long post but it is worth it.

oh and Nick J is my fav Jonas brother and Joe’s birthday is on the 15th. 

Rock, Paper, Scissors!!!

August 5th, 2007 by hellokitty1222:hellokitty.com

Well today I got these really cute purse scissors with Hello Kitty sitting on the top of it.  You use it to cut look threads and stuff.  Well I went shopping and got (from American Eagle at Tj Max) a sweater, pants, neclace, and shoes.  Then from Maurice’s got a purpley pink polka dotted shirt and 2 tanks that you layered.  well i broke my toe so i am resting.  well bye.

Dior and Hello Kitty . . . can it get any better?!?

July 30th, 2007 by hellokitty1222:hellokitty.com

Well yesterday I got a kit from Dior for being a TeenVogue It Girl.  You can be any age to be one and i signed up for the Dior.  It came with wallet, lipgloss, and mascara. 

Today at Target I got a Hello Kitty Lunch Bag (it was in the dollar bin) I don’t know when I would use it for but It was Hello Kitty.  I also got a Hello Kitty Note Book.  The Pages are like a Regular note book but it is pink with hello kitty on every page.  School won’t like that much.  Haha     Oh and at Target I got my Isaac Mizrahi sunglasses on sale for only 10 dollars.  He is one of my favorite designers and i loved how he made a special line for target but it is still a little pricey but i am happy.  i watch his show on style network when it is on. 

oh i saw this a while ago but on style network they have a sgow called Dress My Nest.  One of the poeple that they redid their room was a girl who loved hello kitty.  If you want to know more about the show or the particular episode just e-mail me and i will tell you



July 25th, 2007 by hellokitty1222:hellokitty.com

Well today I went to the vet for myCockerspainel, Dusty, and he was fine.  He had a tummy ache but i fine now.  Then I went to eat with my family and then we went to Ceal’s Ice Cream.  It is like the Coldstone Creamery.  What they do is you pic and ice cream then add as many toppings as you want.  They mix all the toppings inside to make your ouwn ice cream.  I got  Cakebatter Ice Cream and i got Kit Kats, Reece’s Pieces, and peanut butter sause.  It was good.  I might now get kit kat next time because the chocolate sperated form the waffre part and it formed a big chocolate plate.  I don’t like chocolate so yeah. It was YUMMY though.

I’m Back!!

July 23rd, 2007 by hellokitty1222:hellokitty.com

Well I have been away this weekend for Stubenville East!!  It was really fun and had really cute boys there.  Haha but that wasn’t the reasin for it.  Anyways there were a lot of talks and it was fun becuase my friends Michelle, Michelle, Diana, and Paige went.  Well becuase I haven’t been feeling well and I have been away this weekend, here are pictures!!


Closed Until Monday

July 20th, 2007 by hellokitty1222:hellokitty.com

well tomorrow (friday) i will be leaving for the weekend to a retreat.  we all sleep in tent and it is a small place between people.  Haha i haven’t been yet but it is with my church and my 2 friends loved it.  also i get to wear my new HELLO KITTY shorts PJs and CARE BEAR long pants PJs.  Should be fun!!!!

Feeling Better . . . kinda

July 18th, 2007 by hellokitty1222:hellokitty.com

well today was the 2nd day of VBS.  the second group i have has awful and would not listen.  Anyways I am kind of feeling better but not a lot better so i will only put up 3 pictures today.  well i am going to go into the pool and just lay on the float.


you can change her bows and the ones she isn’t wearing can be neclaces or rings. ($164,000   or   JPY 18,900,000)


this and the other photo above is from that website


Happy Meal

July 17th, 2007 by hellokitty1222:hellokitty.com

Well I am feeling a little bit better but not really.  I had to wake up early to teach for the week at VBS.  Then I am leaving on the weekend for a retreat thing.  Well today on the way home from VBS, I went to McDonald’s to pick up the new Hello Kitty Toys.. They only had one this week instead of 2 but thats ok.  It is a compact mirror with built in lip gloss.  Well when I feel better I wil post pictures of my Hello Kitty Happy Meal Toys (3 so far).

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