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Inside Hello Kitty Online there was an event that resulted in real life results, a T-shirt inside Hello Kitty Online. The concept was first done with the Food for Friends were over 12,000 USD was raised, an amazing achievement in a matter of days.

The results were as follows:

30 shirts, 27 bags

Total items submitted by players: 61 shirts, 28 bags
Triple-Boost Bonus: x3
Limited edition items donated by Sanrio Digital: 183 shirts, 84 bags

So what is a shirt and a bag worth? Of course the ultimate beneficiary are the orphans who receive this benefit, let’s not forget that but I was curious to analyze the "net" value of what happened, being the ever-analytical guy I am.

Now I don’t know what type of shirt it is, quality wise but it looks like a sports tee out of pretty reasonable and nice material.

Looks a lot like this type of material, all shiny and stuff, the below shirt sells for 55 dollars (I think that’s canadian)

Also the shirt is limited edition…I saw an Akino Hoshi limited edition shirt going for the equivalent value of 80 dollars over


and over here I saw a designer Tee that’s also a collectors edition where it used to sell for 63 pound sterling!! and now only 25.45 which is still almost 40 USD per shirt.

For the bag I struggled a bit, as I wasn’t sure what kind of bag it was but I think it looked a bit like this…

The handbag I used as an example was this one, as it seemed small and although looked differently, used it as a benchmark over at this

site. Translated that’s about around 23-24 USD per bag.

So my final estimate is that I took an average of the prices I found, taking into account and assumption of quality and brand license value at around 50 dollars per shirt and 24 dollars per bag. That means 9,150 for the shirts and 2,016 dollars per bag, you think that’s right? That’s 11,166 US Dollars according to my estimate and analysis!

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