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Happy day for animal lovers!

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Sam, a koala survivor from one of Australia’s recent wildfires, is doing very, very well!

The world met Sam when videos of her rescue were posted all over the news and in the internet.  She was rescued by a firefighter named David Tree and left quite an impression to humans around the globe when she drank Tree’s water bottle while holding his hand. 

“I could see she had sore feet and was in trouble, so I pulled over the fire truck. She just plonked herself down, as if to say ‘I’m beat’,” Tree said. “I offered her a drink and she drank three bottles.  The most amazing part was when she grabbed my hand. I will never forget that.”

According to Sam’s animal carers, the burns in her paws are healing really good now.  :)

Click here to read the full story.


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"Love is…" Concluded!

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008


With the end of the month of love, so too does SanrioTown’s lovey-dovey contest. We at SanrioTown would love to give our thanks from the bottom of our love-filled hearts. Thank you so much for supporting this project!

The finalists were chosen, the votes cast and now, we have our winners! Head on over to the Director’s Club blog, and see whose video made the viewers go "oohh" and "ahhh" the most.

Again, thank you!

“Love Is…” voting period starts!

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

They’ve started something new on Director’s Club! As we all know, last month was the Love Month, and Director’s Club has launched a Valentine’s video contest, where they found some really good videos.

And now, it’s time for all of you to cast your votes! You have a chance to determine who gets the 1GB Hello Kitty USB Memsticks and the SanrioTown premium account.

How? Just visit the Directors Club post with their TOP 5 videos, and vote for which one you think is the best video! Hurry, the poll’s only gonna be up there till March 9, 2008.

Good luck finalists! :)

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Hello Kitty Online is already a hit!

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Hello Kitty Online has received so many positive comments from people who’ve long been awaiting the release, and from people who’ve just heard the great news. What’s more, closed beta tester subscriptions are now over 30,000!

Even now that the game is just at the closed beta stage, there is already an overwhelming response from the media. The news of the launch has already reached sites like News.com, Gaming Today, IGN.com, Kotaku.com, Japanator.com, The Feed, Shinyshiny.tv and Valleywag.

We’ve also received a whole lot of comments on our forums regarding Hello Kitty Online, and because of this, we are currently looking into better tools for our system to better accommodate the increased amount of traffic.

Thank you all for your support and patience!

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“Love Is…” Dream Studio Valentine’s Video Contest

Friday, February 15th, 2008

It’s the month of love! Look around and you’ll see people in a generally good mood — flowers are everywhere, restaurants are filled with couples on dates, and sweet words are winning people’s hearts. But this month is not only about couples, it’s also a good time to celebrate love itself, with everyone and everything that we love!

Director’s Club has just launched the perfect way for you to join in SanrioTown’s celebration, and it’s the perfect way for you to share the things that you love with the whole community!

Visit the Director’s Club blog for more information on how to join the contest. The Hello Kitty USB Memory Stick that they’ll be giving away as prizes isn’t available anywhere else, so don’t miss out on this chance to win one! Good luck and Happy Valentine’s to everyone!

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Thursday, February 7th, 2008
Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s a holiday full of fireworks, sticky rice cakes, festivities and the color red! If you or any of your friends are Chinese, then you’ll probably experience the lively celebrations first hand.

Here in Sanriotown, some of our users are already celebrating through their blog posts! You can read some of them at the unofficial character blogs of Mimmy, Keroppi and Zashikibuta. You can also find posts from Tingal79, KT_sanctuary, and Ichigo_rei. You can hop around our other blogs to see other posts about the CNY, and don’t forget to leave comments to wish them all a prosperous new year! :)

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A Bright Red Star

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

Mars, the Red Planet

Mars was at the closest point to the Earth last Tuesday (December 18) for the entire 2007, and though it didn’t get as big as the moon in our night sky, it’s still an added beauty to the heavens at night.

You can see Mars as a bright red “star” in the night sky any day until 2016!

How can you find it? At nightfall, look in the east and you’ll find a really bright reddish star. You’ll know that that’s mars because it doesn’t twinkle!

I hope you like stargazing, it’s a nice way to relax, and helps us appreciate the beauty of creation. :)

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Man Gets Lost Ring Back…Again

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007
iStock Photo - Jonathan Werve

In Deerfield Massachusets, a certain John Carney was at the local waste transfer station when he noticed a gold wedding ring partially buried in the sand.

Thankfully, as most wedding rings go, it had the names of the happy couple engraved on the inside, and this one read “Ed and Linda June 9, 1996″. Carney then decided to find out whom the ring belonged to.

He searched the wedding listings at the local library, and surely enough he found an entry on Ed and Linda LaCoille on June 9, 1996.

Carney returned the ring a couple of weeks ago, but apparently, Ed LaCoille had lost the ring more than six months ago.

And it was not his first time to lose the ring either. He once lost it around a lake in Maine while on vacation, where it had been returned to him by mail a couple of weeks after.

It’s nice to know that there are people willing to go out of their way to help out someone who’s lost something as valuable and treasured as that wedding ring. I hope he never loses that ring again! :)

[Found on Happynews]

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Pet Parrot Saves Family

Friday, October 26th, 2007

Pets are such a wonderful addition to the family, they always add that extra something to the house. Like kids that never grow up, and pick up your mood if you’re feeling down. But have you ever considered that they could save your life?

Stories of dogs saving people are pretty common, but this time we have a story of a parrot saving a family from a fire.

AP reports that when Shannon Conwell and his 9-year-old son fell asleep on the couch, they woke up to find their house on fire. The smoke alarm had sounded, but what woke them up was the family’s Amazon parrot, Peanut, who imitated the fire alarm.

According to Conwell, the parrot was “screaming his head off.” When he realized what was going on, he grabbed his son and Peanut and got out of the house.

We should really appreciate our pets, because not only are they great companions, they may actually save our lives! :)

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Go Sanriotown!

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Many of you may have been experiencing problems with Sanriotown over the weekend, and for that we apologize. Our servers had a hard time catching up with the boom in Sanriotown user data, but we assure you that no data was lost.

So don’t worry, Sanriotown will be back 100% real soon! If you notice any problems, feel free to email support@hellokitty.com. Thanks for your continued support! :)



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