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Game-themed Cakes!

If you love baking, what could be more fun than making delicious pastries with themes? I know there are a lot of gamers here in Sanriotown, and there are definitely a lot of people who love sweets! So I bring you, game-themed pastries!

Pacman Cupcakes

They look so cute, despite the fact that they’re basically black cupcakes. A bit of a shame to actually eat though, but that could be just me. There are more after the cut, so read the rest of this post to check out Mario and Katamari Damacy-themed sweets!

Mario Cupcakes

How adorable are those mushrooms? I can’t help but feel sorry for the blank ones though!

Katamari Damacy Cake

Look at the detail on that cake! Can you see the prince? Let’s see, there’s a fish, a g-clef, and what looks like an octopus!

Credits to Kotaku for finding the images. Hope our bakers got ideas from these! :)

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