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Man Gets Lost Ring Back…Again

iStock Photo - Jonathan Werve

In Deerfield Massachusets, a certain John Carney was at the local waste transfer station when he noticed a gold wedding ring partially buried in the sand.

Thankfully, as most wedding rings go, it had the names of the happy couple engraved on the inside, and this one read “Ed and Linda June 9, 1996″. Carney then decided to find out whom the ring belonged to.

He searched the wedding listings at the local library, and surely enough he found an entry on Ed and Linda LaCoille on June 9, 1996.

Carney returned the ring a couple of weeks ago, but apparently, Ed LaCoille had lost the ring more than six months ago.

And it was not his first time to lose the ring either. He once lost it around a lake in Maine while on vacation, where it had been returned to him by mail a couple of weeks after.

It’s nice to know that there are people willing to go out of their way to help out someone who’s lost something as valuable and treasured as that wedding ring. I hope he never loses that ring again! :)

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