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A Touching Story from a Gamer

Touching Story

How many of you know the game Animal Crossing? Well, today we have a very touching story about that game and what it made one player realize about his mom. I’m sure you will all appreciate it, and I do hope that it makes all of us think about our relationship with our parents.

This is an actual story made into a comic by ONESOUND, it almost made me cry. View the comic strip by clicking the link to the rest of the entry. Enjoy :)

Animal Crossing — Touching Story

6 Responses to “A Touching Story from a Gamer”

  1. White-haired Journalist Says:


  2. kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com Says:

    OMG! That made me wanna cry…. T_T I so love my mom!

  3. typecats Says:

    oh man…

  4. fairlady-z:kuririnmail.com Says:


  5. typecats:hellokitty.com Says:

    i just HAD to read this again

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