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To be happy for others even after a breakup

Featured blogger: Zhenxiu

Time will heal my wound… and i will open up to others as times goes by…“

I was reading random Sanriotown blogs yesterday and I came across someone’s blog who manages to feel happy for others ever after a heartbreak.

In one of her recent posts, Zhenxiu congratulates her friend who is finally getting married. In her blog, she says:

her beloved bf finally propose to her last week… so happy for them…


In her latest entry, she also extends her warm felicitations to her ex-boyfriend on his convocation. Zhensiu shares intimately:

I wan to congrats my ex also… The ex who i have been crying about ever since i have tHis blog…. The ex who i love alot even till Now… even till he ask me nOt to bother hIm anymore… even till he ask me Not to msg hIm anymore even till he told me he got a new sweet gf… But still congrats to hIm for his convocation on sunday….

But still i like to give hIm my blessing… tot he is nOt mine forever… But still i wish that he will be forever happy down the road… with his family and his gf…

“all the best from my heart…”

Here are several ways on how to cope with a break-up:
1. The 24 Hour Mope. Give yourself time to mourn your loss. Cry it out.
2. Reconnect With Loved Ones. Spending time with your loved ones will make you feel that you are still loved, even if you don’t have a significant other. Family and friends may also give you advice and a listening ear.
3. Partake in Your Passions. Busy yourself with a hobby or the things you wanted to do but was not able to do because you lacked free time. Now is the time to enjoy your passions.
4. Extract Emotions. If you get the urge to contact your ex, do not contact him/her. Instead, write your feelings in a letter and throw it or burn it (safely). You can also resort to blogging, keeping a diary or journal, or playing a port as a therapy.
5. Erase Memories. To help you recover, it may help if you keep all your treasured keepsakes and memories in a box and keep it somewhere. It will not help to see them frequently. It will only remind you of the past.

Take it slow. Healing takes time. Realize your true value. Let go and move on. And surely, at the end of it all, you can find your happiness.

Read the full article on how to recover from a breakup by Ashley Sinatra here.



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6 Responses to “To be happy for others even after a breakup”

  1. Wrench Says:

    Break-ups can happen, its sad but true. It can hurt, but look at the bright side, the best person for you may still be out there waiting for you.

  2. kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com Says:

    Aww. I’m glad she can be happy through that. Cheers to her~

    I love those tips on coping with breakups. I wouldn’t have thought of the “24 Hour Mope” thing on my own, that’s useful advice :)

  3. angel Says:

    i’m very proud of her. unlike other people who curse their past boyfriends, she still has good wishes for him. don’t worry, zhenxiu, you’ll find the one destined for you.

  4. girlinblue Says:

    Zhenxiu sounds like such a good person, and I congratulate her for her amazing response to the situation.

  5. shadowcat Says:

    Your tips sound really good, I just hope I don’t get the chance to try them.:O

  6. jj1212:hellokitty.com Says:

    It seems that girl isn’t over the guy. Even though she is happy for the guy, she can’t move on if she still has feelings for him. She’s still young and will meet others that might be the one…(Wrench your the man, haha)

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