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Know your animal personality

There are almost fifty species in the database — each chosen to represent a common personality type. Remember that many animal personalities are simply incompatible with others, so fill out the test for your friends and co-workers to discover where your relationships go right and wrong. Carnivores should generally not be paired with small herbivores, while canine personalities (dogs, wolves, foxes) should not be in relationships with felines (wildcats, lions, tigers), etc. On the other hand, non-carnivorous mammals make for easy-going companions, while bird personalities tend to make for superficial friends. Animalinyou.com

My result: You are either a Baboon or a Otter personality.
But you may also be a Fox personality.

After reading the three personality types, I would categorize myself as a baboon:


* Intelligent and shrewd, they are highly adaptable individuals, and as students of the lighter side of life there is nothing they enjoy more than indulging in complicated practical jokes or impromptu comedic performances. Their reputation as clowns belies an introspective side that is glimpsed only by those that know them intimately.

*Their curious nature makes they perfect for investigative work or journalism. They function best during the daylight hours, preferring to spend nights quietly in the company of their family.

Hobbies and Careers
Investigator Journalist
Artist Entertainer
Massages Family Time
Camping Talking