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hey everyone! so glad you are reading this! check it out!
we caught Joe Jonas with Betty White on the set of “Hot In Cleveland” starring on TV Land. Joe tweeted about his guest starring on the show:
“Hello Twitter people…starting my day with eggs and Hot in Cleveland day 1. it’s gonna be a fun weekend.” :’) we are so happy that Joe is going to be on this show! follow me on twitter @hannah2190 or www.celebgossipweekly.blogspot.com or e-mail me at hannah2190@hellokitty.com ….thanks!

Hey everyone! i just wanted to let you know that i’m doing this really cool thing called Celeb Gossip Weekly (CGW). it’s where i give you all the scoop on celebs, so if you wanna know something, go to “Announcements” and click on Celeb Gossip Weekly. thanks!! also if you want to hear something about a specific celeb, just e-mail me at hannah2190@hellokitty.com or follow me on twitter…it’s hannah2190……thanks!!! :)

someone i’ve drifted away from :) my used-to-be best friend, Brooke. i’m kinda glad we drifted away from each other. we were best friends and we did everything together, until last year. last year i had to go to a different school. i still lived in the same spot, about 5 minutes away from her. the school was 10 minutes down the road. we were going different places. she became best friends with this other girl nameed Cortney. they did everything together, and Brooke never asked me back over since.

the person i hate/caused me a lot of pain :( i’d probably say my biggest crush 2 years ago. every time i saw him, my heart fluttered. but then one day he started “going out” with my bff Taylor. he’s make rude comments to me, and he was even rude to his own girlfriend at times. i had never seen that side of him. and thats when i realized, hes just about the looks.

a deceased person i would like to talk to :) idk i guess my great-grandma and great-grandpa Davis. i never got to talk to them. my grandmother’s parents. i got to see them when i was like one, but i dont remember that. they seem like the best but i guess i didnt come in time.

someone i dont talk to as much as i want to :) probably my cousins…..they live so far off and i hardly get to see them except for holidays like 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, Halloween, and thats about it.

someone i wish i could meet :) have u ever wanted to REALLY REALLY meet someone? i have. miley cyrus. the ultimate cutie pop singer. i have always wanted to meet her. and all the other celebrities. i know, i know, shes turning in to a brittney spears. thats what i hate. but i still wanna meet her. lolz (:

my fave internet friend :) ive never really had a fave internet friend. ive had a ton of internet friends. if u wanna ask me questions, e-mail me at hannah2190@hellokitty.com and if you wanna follow me on twitter, it’s hannah2190……thx!

my ex-boyfriend/love/crush :) i think im gonna choose ex-boyfriend. i was hooked on this guy who was sweet, funny, charming, everything you could imagine. we were talking after school one day when another girl came up and said “Hey sweetheart!” to MY bf (boyfriend). thats when he told her “Do i know you?” then winked at her. he knew her. he cheated on me. i dumped him 4 sure. too bad. he was perfect.

a stranger :) what about a stranger? why would i want to write about a stranger? idk….i guess im a stranger to you? anyways follow me on my twitter at hannah2190 ……………………..thx!!!!!!!! :)

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