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She’s sooo adorable.

I’m apparently married to Ahim de Famille. She’s adorable and gorgeous in that wedding dress.

Isn’t Yui Koike looks ADORABLE in this shot?

My last dream was an adventure in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger’s world. I was traveling through different worlds with my partner, Kivat. I somehow end up in World of Gokaiger and appeared in the middle of the battle between Gokaigers and Space Empire Zangyack’s army. I was about to be killed by the Zangyack’s Action Commander, Zaien when I got there but was saved by Gokai Pink but she got badly hurted and unmorphed from trying to protecting me. I was furious and try to defend her then I called out “Kivat” and let him bite me and transformed into Kamen Rider Kiva and fought Zaien. Zaien was over-power at the beginning until I summon Garulu Saber and transform into Garulu Form and finished Zaien with Garulu Howling Slash. Then Zaien grew enormous and I let the Gokaigers finishing Zaien off with their Mecha. After the battles with Zaien, I was about to leave this world. I was stopped by Ahim de Famille (Gokai Pink) and thanks me for saving her and she kissed me and hoping to see me again. I disappeared as she wave good-bye.

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