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Coming Soon: HKO GMs the MOVIE!!!

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Watch out for HKO GMs the movie! 


Stephen Gately as GM Bacon


Sister of Masi Oka as GM Abby


Dan Fogler as GM Neverender


Howie Mandel as GM Calealen


Gary Valenciano as GM Zel


John Elton as GM AVA


Jung Yul Kim as GM Brian


Hello Mickey as GM-mickey


Coming soon pict:

GM Wayne as..

as for me….. –> (x_x) Waaaaa! xp

Thank you for those who helped. Namely… ahahaha! XD

(GM Miyaw hides under her table…)

Peaceout yow! :D

I mean it.. PEACE! :D

I’m so afraid!!! /(T_T)/

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

I used to watch horror films almost every weekend til i got to the point of feeling paranoid even during the day. Here are some movies I’ve watched and enjoyed. WARNING: Not advisable to be watched alone and all at once… eeeekkk!!!


Ju-On: This film had me panicking every time I hear the sound of hmm… pretty hard to describe.. Try this, open your mouth, then try to gargle your saliva from your throat while trying to stop the air coming out. I hope you get it but anyways, I panic like crazy every time I hear that! It scares the humanity out of me hahaha! And btw, that kid’s name is Toshio. I’m so glad he’s not related to me!


The Eye: Now this movie had me both grossed out and scared at the same time. I watched this with my “barkada” (close friends) in one of my friend’s condo and what a coincidence, the movie had an elevator scene! We all freaked out when we decided to buy some munchies at the middle of the movie. We had to stop and pause for a while to regain our strengths and confidence to continue watching haha! I think this movie had a Part 2 and 3. I’ve seen Part 1 and the other I’m not sure what part it is. But the other one was about the souls of the new born babies. Where they come from and the fear of giving birth. I do not advise pregnant women to watch that part. Stay put with the Part 1 haha! Or else… Waaaahhh~!


Final Destination: This movie’s not about ghosts and other supernatural elements. It’s more on the natural day to day lives of people getting into accidents. Might sound boring but I recommend you watch it! This had me paranoid with almost everything I do, opening doors, plugging stuffs, walking/crossing the streets and a whole lot more! Some say the part 2 and 3’s boring. But I haven’t seen it so I can’t say anything about it. I would like you to watch Part 1 and send me your comments about it. Buwahahaha!

I really would like to start watching scary movies again but I ran out of scary films to watch. Please recommend some. I miss the feeling of being watched. Eeeekkkk! Please watch these 3 movies and send me your opinions and experiences. Buwahahaha! Goodluck to you guys. Happy watching! /\(T_T)/\