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This is not just about me… It’s about US!!! Yihaaa!!!

A Version of Me.. by Jeii (^,^)/

This awesome version of me in game and my real life dog “Pepper” is made by an avid fan of Hello Kitty Online!

Her IGN is Jeii and she plays in HKO SEA. We hang out in Harbour and chat like we’ve never held a keyboard in our lives and till our fingers drop. :)

Thanks Jeii for this oh so awesome portrait. I really love it! You’re very talented and really sweet. Keep up the good work and don’t ever change. If ever you do, change for the better. (Now this sounds like a retreat letter now lol).

Everyone.. I now present you.. “A Version of Me” by Jeii! Woohooo! \(^,^)/

How much do I like it? It’s my desktop wallpaper! \(^,^)/

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  1. Says:

    miyawww im glad u like it^^ thanxxx for the encouragemet \^^/
    I will workz harddd~! yosh!

  2. Says:

    that so preey you should make a pic of mocha blowing a kiss and cinnamoroll showing off his tail

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