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OH MY!!!! Santa’s Drops Get a Gift Event!

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

santadrops.jpgHo ho ho! Merry Christmas everyone! Now there’s more reason to play Santa’s Drops in SanrioTown’s Game Center.  Play the game and catch one of Santa’s rare drops to get an opportunity to win cool Christmas gifts from us!

Here’s how it works:

1.  Play Santa’s Drops from December 1st to January 4th and watch out for Santa’s rare drops! A rare drop looks like this:


2.  Make sure you catch it! Uncaught rare drops from Santa wouldn’t be counted as “caught” even if a player is lucky to see one.

3.  Players who catch a rare drop item and who submit their score will get the chance to win a Christmas gift from us at the end of the event via lucky draw.

Here are the prizes of the event: Jewelry (ME WAAAANNNTTT!!!!)


Hello Kitty Animation DVDs and VCDs (MEE WAAANT AGAIN!)

Hello Kitty 1GB flash drive *cry* (MEEEEHHH want..)


More than 20 players can win any of these prizes so start playing now!

Terms and Conditions:

1. Only SanrioTown members (,, are eligible to participate in the Lucky Draw. Members whose accounts are,, etc. are not eligible.

2.  Winners will be picked via lucky draw.

3. SanrioTown reserves the right to change the conditions of this competition at its own discretion.

4. Sanriotown reserves the right to extend or terminate the competition at its own discretion.

5. Members can submit as many entries as desired and all entries will be considered by SanrioTown as long as it meets all the guidelines.

6. All selections are final.

Good luck!

Curious about the SanrioTown Game Center? Take a peek at it by clicking here.