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This is not just about me… It’s about US!!! Yihaaa!!!

Burglar! Waaaaahh~

Around 12ish am while eating late dinner, I heard some steps coming from our roof. Went up to my bro, who is busy Facebook-ing (-_-), and asked if he heard the noise. He replied with a “yes, i’ve been hearing it for quite some time now”, and that’s when it all started.. (O_O)

Ran outside our house and checked our roof. Grabbed my bowl of soup for protection just in case the burglar jumps on me. My soup wasn’t hot anymore but at least he’ll be blinded with the thickness and oil from the pork LOL.

My sister heard the noise from upstairs and went out as well. She grabbed a long white stick, which seemed hurtful, ready for battle. We waited for some movement but couldn’t have a glimpse from the pitch black darkness.  My brother decided to check the roof from my room, where the noise came from. So courageous of him coz I will never do that! I have the guts if I am engaged in battle but never the courage to peek through the blinds. What if the burglar’s there in front of me while I tilt the blinds? What if he’s staring back? What if he’s not a he? not a she? and not an it? I’ll prolly faint. I’d rather have bruises than scare myself to death in suspense. Haha!

Anyway, my bro went upstairs to scare the burglar down while my sister and I waited downstairs ready to clobber him with everything we have. The noise stopped once my brother went upstairs. My sister and I waited outside with our night vision goggles and our MP5 and AK. Kidding!

I asked my sister to give me her stick and hold my bowl coz it was already useless… I have finished all the soup from the long wait. I felt the power when she gave me the stick. I got all fired up! I was glad coz the stick wasn’t heavy at all. I practiced my moves-swung here and there like Jackie Chan sorta way haha! We were all ready till I placed my chin on the stick and bent it. The supposedly life saving stick was bendable! We were armed with an empty bowl and a bendable stick for crying out loud! Haha!

Good thing, the guards came and searched the area. The burglar managed to escape. Tsk tsk.. He missed his chance to meet the great bowl of life and the stick of horror! Haha! It would have been epic tsk..

To the burglar, please come back! We’ll be waiting! :D

4 Responses to “Burglar! Waaaaahh~”

  1. Says:

    Wow, that’s scary! I hope y’all stay safe!

  2. Says:

    Lol, I love how you told the story!

  3. Says:

    hehe ^_^ i bet the burglar is scared to come back!

  4. Says:

    hehehehe if someone attacked my house
    i would kick then punch. ^^

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