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This is not just about me… It’s about US!!! Yihaaa!!!

More Farm Screeniesssss~

Miyaw: I got hooked up with my farm. Please help me stop!!!

Conscience: NEVER!!!

Miyaw: Eeeeekkkkk~

(Miyaw ends up planting again and she lived happily ever after..)

Ahehe! Check out my new Farm screenshot! I love it! :D

fullscreen-capture-232009-23307-pmbmp.jpg(ECH KEH OH)

18 Responses to “More Farm Screeniesssss~”

  1. Says:

    Miyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, get Z off your house! He’s gonna break it. :( Oh wow, nice design and prettyy farm. xD And you still look like a banana. :)

  2. Says:

    Lul NE won’t help you guys.

  3. Azog » The GMs on a farming spree? Says:

    […] Miyaw posts My Farm AND more! […]

  4. ripplecloud Says:

    Hi Miyaw!! I see a new scarecrow.. and what is that flower-wheel looking thingbehing the health status bar?

  5. Says:

    very clever with the farming!! :D

  6. Says:

    OOOh! It says HKO! Cute farm Miyaw!! ^_^ And the email icon has… wings! hehe.

  7. Starrfire7 ♥ *Twin Starrs* Says:

    My guess is that the flower wheel thing is the day cycle indication that they have added to the farm system. I love the new email icon got revamped .. so much cuter now :D

  8. Says:

    All of these new farms are so CUTE! I think I want the Keroppi one because its so watery and I LOVE water (it’s great to drink AND to swim in ;)) Btw, Miyaw, CalypsoCafe’s (pinknocorisu9789’s) link is broken.

  9. the_otakutopian1 Says:

    Cute new farm and farm designs, Miyaw. ^_^ Hope to see the new features for it. ^_^

  10. the_otakutopian1 Says:

    And the picture from your previous post was nice too. ^_^

  11. Says:

    Can I hire you to decorate my farm?

  12. Says:

    I only just noticed it said HKO on it! ^^ Good job I’m hiring you to make my farm!

  13. GM Wayne Says:

    Do you feel happy when you come to Sanrio Harbour?
    I may let you to go around the HKO world=]~Miyaw

  14. Says:

    I’m Happy running around HKO! :) Wanna run with me Wayne? :)

  15. GM Abby’s Blog » 7 Days till Happy Hearts! Says:

    […] tried out another farm and house (some of you may remember the house from CB!) and because Miyaw has been trying out so many designs for her farm recently, I decided to give it a shot! But I settled for something simple heehee — […]

  16. Says:

    Your farm should have looked like this when you let the players visit :) I love the HKO plant arrangement ^^

  17. Says:

    Whoa! That’s awesome

  18. i'm new Says:

    i don’t knwo the title of this game. can enybody help me?

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