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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

AaakkkK!  Someone stun me please!  Ech… Keh… Oohh~  Where are you He… looo… ki… teeh…  Hehehe!


The Founders’ Christmas Reunion was very successful!  Thanks to you guys!  I made a print screen but my computer ate it i guess… can’t find it!  Huhuhu!  Please share me some of your printscreens!!!  I couldn’t stop laughing while walking around New York cause i was lagging like a turtle trying to run!  And that’s not all!  I really, really, really, REHLEH, tried to find myself in the croud but i FAILED!!!  Someone stepped on my foot too!  Who was is?  WHO?  Hehehe!


I’ll surely miss you guys!  I’m starting to miss all the PMs, the mails you send… *sniff* there were a lot… ahaha!  But no worries!  My typing speed outyped (is this the right term?) you guys! Hehehe!


See you guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, grandpas and grandmas soon!  Love you all! :)


Lovingly yours,




Share a Joke :D

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008


Hey HK fanatics! Why don’t we have some fun while waiting for HKO to come out eh? Lets all share our wholesome jokes!!! It has to be wholesome guys. Remember, grandpa’s watching/reading/whatchamacallit over us… Who’s grandpa? Well… s…e…c…r…e…t… Hahaha! Here goes my joke!

What kind of shrimp always hurts himself anytime and anywhere?



Don’t know?

The answer is… ACCIDENT PRAWN!!! Wahahaha! ROFL! Funny eh?!

Share your jokes too! I’ll be waiting… Buwahahaha!

(^oo^) oink~


Another GM is BORN!!! ROOAARRR~

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Hey guys! My name is.. what? My name is.. who? My name is.. (scratches) not Slim Shady but GM Miyaw!!! ROOAARR~ Hehehe! You like my roar? You like? You like? I like!!! Hehehe! (>.<)

Anyways girls and boys, men and women, grandpa and grandma (with or without teeth), I’m GM Miyaw, the newly born GM in Hello Kitty Online! I’m so happy to be a part of HKO family and soooo ooovveerrr to the max, to the highest level, excited to play the game with you guys! I wana play, I wana play, I wana play! Hehehe! I’m looking forward in chatting with you guys in and out of the game. See you guys (yes, you too grandpa) SOON!!!

This is GM Miyaw over and out.. for now.. buwahahaha!



Don’t forget to do this as often as possible to stay healthy. ROAAARR~