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The world of Hello Kitty Online is filled with diverse wild life, and all of them can be your faithful companions in the game!  Each creature is unique, from the ever lovable Pandachi and lumbering Burr to the cuddly Boxpig and fluffy Woolly.   Once you have made them your pet, they will provide you with special bonuses and accompany you wherever you go!

From January 20 until 28, 2011, show your artistic skills and love for your pets by giving colors to their pictures and sharing screenshots of your very own companion in game!

Here are the mechanics:
1.    Choose a picture of the pets you wish to color at the GM Event Blog
and save it into your computer.

2.    Color and design the picture that you downloaded.  You can use image editing software for this such as MS Paint, PhotoShop or Gimp.

3.¬†¬†¬† If you do not know how to use these image editing software, don’t worry!¬† You can also print the image from the GM Event Blog
and color them by hand!   Once you are done with your artwork, scan the image and save it as a PNG or JPEG.

4.    Take a screenshot of your avatar with your favorite pet.  You can bring your friends along and include them in the pictures if you wish to.

5.    Post the image you colored with the screenshot you took on your personal SanrioTown blog.  Along with the images, share us a story or memorable experience with your pet.  Only 1 submission per player will be accepted into the competition.

Deadline for submissions is on January 28, 2011, 11:59PM EST;

6.    Share your blog post in this thread at the HKO Forums for everyone to see!

We will be awarding 10 players from the International and 10 players from the US  & Canada servers with the cutest and most creative post 5000 Loyalty Points each!

Good luck and have fun!

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