Fields of Calealen
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Musings Under The Sun (Sun Burned Tales?) o_O

     Hi guys! Yeah, *sighs* these two had too much sun or BC (the boxed centipede) “forgot” to put sun screen with a higher SPF. Well, things happen while having fun under the sun.  Anyway, I was checking previous emails and ran across some suggestions sent by you guys! So, I decided to feature some of them, for your reading pleasure. ^_^

Green House

It’s an interesting concept and it would be a great addition to the game’s current system.  The players with the green thumb or touch will enjoy spending time in it and cultivating crops, plants, flowers, etc.  As for the two guys in the picture, well, only time will tell if they can grow anything in that green house.

Public Market

Okay, most online games have a public market or a market place where players can sell their items and stuff to other players.  Aside from trading, some of our fellow players have suggested a public market where people can set up shop and sell their stuff. Hmmm, it’s a good concept to integrate into the mix. It seems that “dandy long legs” is having a hard time balancing his basket, ha ha ha! At least Squirre is enjoying his time and has mastered the art of balancing, he he he!

Aquarium or Fish Pond

An aquarium? Wow, that was one of the most interesting suggestions we’ve gotten so far.  A fishing pond will also be a good concept to add to HKO’s mix. It would be nice to have some sort of aquarium or water park where players can see sea animals or sea life in-game.

Only time will tell if these things will come to pass, he he he! I have to go and tend to BC. I told Bugsie to take a dip and relax.  I’ll go get myself a cold lemonade and stay under the shade for a while.  Until next time and have a good one! ^_^

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