Fields of Calealen
Where every day is a warm one

Chillin Under the Sun (Beach Tales) ^_^

Hmmm, it’s been a while since I updated my blog and thanks to everyone who dropped by to leave a kind comment or two. ^_^  Soooo, me and some of the guys decided to take a dip and chill out under the sun.  It was fun and the guys had a great time swimming and chillin at the beach. ^_^

Zel was at the other side of the island and I decided to take the guys through the dense forest. We were glad to reach a quiet spot in the island. I was able to re-energize and bask under the warm sun.  Well, Hansel (ze Baboon) told me that they heard a faint cry from afar.  According to the guys, it sounded like a Wilson but I told them Zel was with him.  Oh well, I hope they’re both okay. ^_^

Before I forget, thanks to everyone who participated during the Happy Hearts Event.  I’d like to thank the people who kept me company during the event and for everyone who participated in the charity drive.  It was fun talking and playing with you guys and I hope to see you soon!

Take care always and enjoy they weather, wherever you guys are right now! ^_^

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