The effect after watching movie trailers while playing HKO.

26 Responses to “The fast and the furry (well, you get the idea.)”

  1. Cute. Is that an Abby created version of Wilson? And who is that driving?

  2. Yup, It’s one of her magical creations. The one & only Baroness from GI JOE, hope the upcoming movie wont be a disappointment.

  3. Ah, that’s cute. She made you a Wilson. But oh brother at the rest. :P

  4. Envy. Why drive a BMW when there’s a Ferrari nearby?

  5. Ha ha ha, finally! Showing off your “cars” again, eh? :P

    @Azog: Well, his Ferrari needs an overhaul and of course, the Baroness won’t ride a beat up car. Destro prefers a BMW also, he he he!

  6. What’s the little white thing on clay Wilson’s forehead?o_O

  7. I reckon that’s a pimple! :D

  8. It’s an anti-zombie patch…

  9. It’s a bandaid. Z is quite abusive. :(

  10. No, it’s an anti-zombie patch. :P And if there’s someone getting abused right now it’s definitely me.

  11. Cool cars!!! What happened with the Ferrari’s wiper blade?

  12. Lol. Aww Abby made you a Wilson. :) With an anti-zombie patch…

  13. How’s it that Wilson gets an anti-zombie patch and you don’t even get sunblock? Oh dear. Looks like a case of favoritism to me.XD

  14. @Cookie: its under maintenance…
    @iheartbadtz: That’s because my skin generates its own sunblock ;)

  15. Evidence #482046 ^ = Alien.

  16. I thought so… :P



  19. this is discrimination against zombies! they can’t help eating braaaains… we should luv them anyway for who they are.. :O

  20. Bi: XD I can imagine Zel playing poker with his zombie pals.XD

  21. @azog: I remember this one. XD
    @Bi: I know Bi, that’s why we’re organizing group therapy sessions.
    @I♥badtz: I was actually at the other table with Leon and Ada ;)

  22. You’re at the losing table, then.XD


  23. @Zel: I was just worried about um one of our other beloved GMs ’s all . . he might miss out on the luv.

    @iheartbadtz : :o Um.. his pals are. . . um . . they look like they do normal things like um. .. gamble and eat ‘nana splits.. um… maybe need a little foundation .. um.. .

  24. @Bi: Don’t worry, there’s plenty of zombie hugs for everyone. :)
    @I♥badtz: No, the losing table is where Chris sits ;)

  25. Oh, looks like the table tags got replaced. *switches the Loser tag back to Leon’s table* There ya go, things are back to normal.

  26. No no, its right where it should be. *switches it back again* There, NOW it’s normal :]

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