I am many things, I am power unlike any you have ever known: absolute, infinite, and unrelenting. You have no choice but to prepare as a long dark future as my subjects. The skies will rain fire, the oceans will boil, the streets will run red with ketchup. Tremble before the power of Mr. Happy hearts. And you will obey me.

Goodbye again…for now.

Where are the pets & their owners? Where is the emoticon that was showing? They have passed like rain on the mountain, like wind in the meadow. The days have gone down in HKO behind the hills into shadow… but enough drama.

Many thanks again everyone! from all those PMs (including the crazy ones XD), all those conversations, to everyone who worked hard for the charity event, It was a great experience. It was nice to see you all in-game. I’ll be seeing you again on our next adventure :)

Lucid dreams 07

The GM “a-peel”.

Lucid dreams 06

Now you guys know about our new GM outfits, so what do you think?

Safe answer.

Lucid dreams 05

Everybody’s getting ready…

Lucid dreams 04

I always love hanging out at Cals farm, its so…windy.

Procrastination  101

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