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Baby gets what baby wants!

July 21st, 2012 by gjump89:hellokitty.com

So my cousin Debbie is having…drumroll please…. A BABY GIRL! Her name will be Mariah!

Now for those of you who are not close with your cuzzo’s or see them as “extended” family (I think as long as your close and they treat you right , family is family) as most of those in the states (USA) do, I and Debbie are more like sisters(we faught both verbally and physically nothing serious lol pulling hair things like that, played together, shared secrets throughout our entire childhood. As we grew into “adults” we became incredibly close and constantly there for one another, her especially, I tend to lean on the flakey side). So in honor of her and the future Ms.Mariah here are some adorable baby Kuromis!
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Going,going, gone!

May 9th, 2011 by gjump89:hellokitty.com

hey folks!

I know I’ve been kind of absent lately, I’ve been traveling from FL to CT quite a bit. So much has happened I went on vacation, then visited…for oh my gash I can’t even remember the holiday that past…Easter! X/ I can be such a ditz sometimes. Yes Easter. HAPPY BELATED EASTER! To all those who celebrate anyway. Then we had a loss in the family nearly a week later. :( so it’s been quite difficult here. To make things that much worse my dr, is with holding my psych meds. (anxiety, insomnia) so I’m just super delightful lately. Sorry, I know I don’t normally over share like this and I certainly don’t like to make excuses. Things are just a bit hectic. I’ve also been going baby crazy. I have to drop 20 lbs by June on top of that for a amateur photo shoot. Life is super hectic right now. Lol anyway, hope to have something to share with you kuromi lovers soon!

:) thanks for hanging in there and have a great day!

Happy St.Patrick’s Day!!!!

March 17th, 2011 by gjump89:hellokitty.com

Today is my favorite holiday!

I have always had the best food, heard the best stories, had the best laughs during my family’s st.Patrick’s day celebrations.

Its a very important day in my house, im fairly sure this day only takes a back seat to Easter and of course Christmas in my family.

:] i hope everyone (irish or not) has an amazing St Patrick’s Day! whether its eating dinner, going out for some green beer (if you are 21+ of course), or simply enjoying the parade! This is a very special day for so many and i am glad that those who celebrate it can share this special part of our heritage with family and friends!

kuromi happy St.Patrick’s day!

Moment of Silence.

March 12th, 2011 by gjump89:hellokitty.com

Although no one can force you to care, or dedicate a blog or a post to this tragedy

i would like to have a moment of silence for those who have and still are suffering in japan.

if you are american you know what a horrific shock this is to us at home who have friends and family over seas, both civilian and soldier. Although no life is worth more than another, i can relate and feel this pain specifically as i have both friends and family serving right now.

What others might not know is there was a touring bus accident in the Bronx. My heart goes out to the friends and family of those who survived and had been taken by the terrible accident.

I hope that everyone can find comfort tonight and in the coming days whether it be from GOD, from friends, from family, even in the arms of strangers who feel for you.

For those who we have lost to fate, i pray one day you can find happiness in knowing they are in a better place now, and always with you.

I would like to finish this with a prayer:

Dear God

Thank you for sparing the lives of those you could, help us to find the strength in our hearts to see past ourselves and help those who have been suffering. Please guide us to take it upon ourselves everyday to help our fellow man. we are in this world such a short time, thank you for giving all that read this now one more day.

In Jesus‘ name we pray, Amen.

Kuromi Nomz

March 8th, 2011 by gjump89:hellokitty.com

So today i was out with a friend getting his car worked on when we noticed we had barely eaten all day. He and I got burger king but i got to thinking i wonder if there is any kuromi food. As we all know there are many Hello kitty treats from the home made variety to the mass production plastic packaged selection.
so here is a special treat just for the kuromi lover

Bon Appetit!

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