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Ever wondered if there are other Sanrio fans just like you? How about having a journal to reflect your love for Hello Kitty and her friends? Get the chance to answer both of these questions when you get a SanrioTown Blog!

  • An Online Community

Unlike other online journals, a member’s blog is just a section of SanrioTown, which also boasts of other features, including a video making tool, forums, and e-mail services. This means that it isn’t the official Sanrio community for nothing: people can get the chance to interact with their fellow fans from all over the world in virtually almost all areas of the site.


  • Personalized Templates

Within each blog is also a dream for every Sanrio fan out there: templates can be modified into themes featuring Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Coro Coro Kuririn. Some new designs may even be added from time to time to give more choices to the members.


  • Cobrand-Based URLs

Even the URLs are Sanrio-centered: members can have their accounts on,, or, depending on the cobrand settings of their account.


What are you waiting for? Show the world that you’re a Sanrio fan by getting an account on SanrioTown and signing up for your blog! Don’t worry, it’s free!