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This is one of my “dream shots” - getting the silhouette of a many-branched tree as the sun sets/rises.


I actually love seeing trees that have really branched out, even the ones that can be described as twisted, in “real” life or photographs. The intertwining limbs are just really fascinating, and the bark of the tree, especially if it’s old, somewhat adds to its dignity, no matter how strange that might seem to be. These are the ones that I love sitting under, whether to read or just relax. There’s comfort on leaning on something that’s already there, as if you’re absorbing and sharing the history it had in its life.


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One Response to “Trees”

  1. Says:

    and then, as you near that so-called majestic tree, the branches snake around your neck and arms and then yank you up.

    your screams are muffled and you will never be heard from again.

    either way, nice shot. :D

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