Its Friday once again.  I can’t say its my favorite day of the week because school days doesn’t stop at Fridays, we still have Saturdays and Sundays for community service. I’m just glad that a week is finished without anything bad happened with me or my loved ones. I don’t think I would be that busy next week but I’m expecting they’ll want my draft or sketches for the invitation they assigned to me for our HRM Week Awards Night. Better work on those now.

I know I said that I would be more responsible and avoid procrastination at all cost but the weather was so beautiful, its sunny but cold, I wanna savor this weather because come March or April it would be one hell of a summer. Its  nice to have a nice nap every afternoon or prolong your stay in the bed. I would prefer to stay in bed in my condition now. I still have a flu and I can’t breathe properly. Its very rare to have this kind of weather at our country. We usually have warm, hot and hotter.


Hooray~! I have learned how to make my blog more attractive and less boring. I have added ICONS~!! or SMILEYS~!!  Aren’t they cute? I still have to learn how to change font colors and font types.


Today’s Outfit:

Miku's outfit for Jan 16

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  1. hi, randomly reading ur blog. :)
    i like smileys :P

  2. thanks for the read :D

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