Hello Blog!!! It’s been a long time since my last post. Hahaha.

This month is Diane’s birthday month. Who is Diane? Diane is my classmate when I was in elementary and she is the beautiful owner of the very pretty and educational blog (educational for me because I’m still a newbie with regards to make-up and all) Kiss & Make-Up. Anyway, she’s hosting a birthday giveaway to celebrate her upcoming birthday and I decided to join. Why? Because I simply like to, and I love make-up even though I rarely use them (only when I’m going to work).

I hope I get to win, fingers crossed.

Wish me luck!!

p.s. to anyone who wishes to join, you can visit her site or liking her page on Facebook. thanks!

I had fun this weekend! So many thanks to Leng for giving me the opportunity to be a part of Hello Kitty Christmas Surprise. I’ve met new and old friend from Hello Kitty Online (we had a guild meet-up) and was able to recruit HKO players too. But the most awesome part is… I was able to have my picture taken with Hello Kitty herself! Check this out:

 Hello Kitty and Me


Also, I got new items for myself. I bought two shoes from Sanrio and Leng gave me a Hello Kitty coin purse, all of them are posted now at my poupee account.




The sad part is, all good things must come to an end. Hello Kitty is leaving Manila today :-( but I’m sure that she’ll be back next year for another month long fun with her fans.

Hello Kitty is visiting SM malls this December.

She already went to SM Mall of Asia and SM Megamall.

Next malls would be SM Southmall and SM Fairview (Dec. 12 & 13), then on December 19 & 20 she would be on SM North Edsa where I will man the HKO Booth again.

I did a part-time work for LevelUp last weekend. I was asked (again) to assist for the HKO Booth. It was nice to meet fellow Hello Kitty fans, especially those little kids who went there with their parents to see Hello Kitty perform and take some pictures with her. I’ll post some pictures as soon as I find my data cable of my cellphone. T_T


Good news!! I finally got my Sanrio Gift Certificate! Wahahaha! I’m gonna buy Hello Kitty items! Yey!

Today was the first time we had a kitchen laboratory at school.

I was excited because I’m going to learn something new today

and I’m going to try different cutting techniques with the

vegetable I bought from Mom’s shop.

Geomie Ann Elman


Before I started working at the kitchen, I took my pictures first

wearing my complete Chef’s uniform.

I remembered I haven’t had a photo taken wearing that so I

took the opportunity to do that.



The kitchen activity was not that tiring although I did a lot of

washing dishes and stuff. I enjoyed peeling the vegetables

using the peeler (my favorite kitchen tool next to egg slicer)

and tasting the croutons and the ham.

Surprisingly, that went well except for the green leafy thing.

The arugula was yucky, or I wasn’t used to eating veggies.

Yes, I don’t eat veggies. They’re not my favorite food.

Back to the green leafy thing, the taste was so strong. I literally

had to run to the locker room to get my bottled water.


This might look tasty but IMO, not everything in it is delicious.

I like the combination mirlitons and carrots and ham

(we add some croutons, cucumber and slices of hard boiled egg afterward).

Maybe the veggie lovers (not necessarily vegetarians) will like this.

The dressing is OK, we also made that from scratch.


 geo salad


Hopefully next time we had a really really delicious recipe.


Enjoy the Weekend Everyone~!

Yay, it’s been awhile since my last entry.

Every time I tried to post my browser goes gaga.

Dunno why.

Anyway, I’ve been dying to post some of my latest pictures

especially the ones that were taken last November 7-8 at

the World Trade Center during LevelUp Live 2009.

Me in the HKO booth


I was asked to man the HKOph booth for two days.

It was a fun and exciting experience.

I was able to meet a couple of online acquaintances,

the ones that I’ve met during Kitty’s birthday bash 2008.

I <3 HKO


I also met new friends, they were all guys and I “forced”

them to try and play HKO.

 Only TRUE men plays HKO!


That’s all for now… Happy Playing HKO!!

Login Page

At last! I was able to get a copy of Hello Kitty Online Philippines. Many thanks to Leng Alvarez for giving me copies (I have three installers!!) and a Hello Kitty pouch bag. Love it, love it, love it! Last Friday was a blast. I really had fun while manning the Freestyle tournament. GM Misty was so pretty! I wasn’t able to try HKO because of the technical problems that they (LU) encountered and mainly because they had to remove the units in order to accomodate the number of people outside. All in all the event was a huge success! Congrats to LU! And congratulations to the Ragnarok guild Influenza for winning as the Ragnarok Philippine Champion and will represent our country at the World Championships.

I’ve already had an account (FB account again) weeks before they officially launched the game. Saturday morning  I woke up early to install and play it. I’m expressing my intention to write a quest list soon, not now. I have to format my pc because I’m sending weird messages to the map channel -_-. I’ll post more regarding this, but for now… Sayonara!!!

I’ve always been honest to everybody.

I always tell the truth when I’m asked

about my personal life or infos.

As much as possible, I want to be friend

the whole wide world.


Is it asking too much if I asked for

a little honesty?

I’m quite disappointed,

you call yourself my friend and yet

you haven’t told me anything about yourself.


I have lots of online friends.

Friends that I’ve never met personally once.

Friends that are far, far away.

I call them my friends because they tell the truth.

I am super duper excited because HKO is finally here! I applied for HKOph and got the approval notice last Saturday. I’m so happy. I was literally jumping around the house telling my sisters that I got an account for Founder’s Beta. Now that I’m in, I arranged my schedule so that I still have time to play after school.


I’m back from nowhere. Been busy with school activities and later on with Dennis. The University week was over and I’m very glad that no accidents or unwanted events happened aside from the fact that my eyes got irritated due to prolong used of my contact lenses. Nothing serious. Then most of my project for our department was canceled. I don’t know if that’s a good news or not, but I definitely welcome it. Less responsibility, less hassle. Moving on, I was really excited when HKO announced that there will be a Valentine’s Event on HKO. I really did plan on spending my weekends playing but something happened. Between the dates of our University week and HKO’s Velentine’s Event I stumbled upon a hottie, a Greek god of oozing sex appeal and charm with a warm generous smile. I don’t know if you’re familiar with him, he’s name is Dennis Joseph O’Neil and he’s a model-slash-actor in Korea with a screen name of Dennis Oh.

Dennis Joseph O'Neil

He’s the one behind my smiles these days. This sounds creepy but all my plans after college are related to him, like where to work? Orlando, Florida or Seoul? What kind of work? So on and so forth. All I could think of is him and I’ve spent my afternoons watching his CF/MV/Soaps/Interviews on youtube. All of the things that I love came second to him like Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty. *sigh* I don’t know what will happen next.




To Dennis,

I know you wont be able to read this but WTH I’m still going to write this! Okay, here it goes…

First, I just want to let you know that I support you 101% in everything that you do. Even if you fail or in hardship I’m still going to support you and you won’t hear me complain. It’s ok to relax sometimes, you’re a human too and you have limits. Don’t overdo things. Take it easy.

Second, keep on smiling. You don’t know how much motiviation your smile is to me. Corny as it may sound but it’s what keeps me from giving up. Remember that when you smile, the world smiles with you.

Lastly, it hurts so much but I know you’re already taken either that you have a girlfriend or a fiancee or much worse - a wife. You’re gorgeous so I there’s no doubt that you have one of those waiting for you. I just want to tell you that I envy her because she has you and she must be a really great girl because she got your heart. I wish you both happiness and good health. That’s all.



Your fan (there! I admit I was a fan but I’m willing to be more than that if you’d give me a chance! LOL)



That was, err… pretty scary right?

I’m too tired and lazy to write anything today.

I guess I walked too long and too far.

Anyway, I’ll just post tomorrow when I feel

up to it.




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