Its a little late for my review on this since season two started last Sunday and Japan. As usual the fansubbers are quick to pick this up and for a good reason. Thanks to Shinsen Subs for the superb sub! Anyway on with the review. The new intro song is ftw. UverWorld, one of my favorite J-rock bands is doing it!

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Upon hearing their plea, the white deity knew that this was the time he had been waiting for so long. He would finally relinquish his most precious possession to those of pure hearts. This group was a good example since they were doing these trials all for the sake of their friend. That alone found favor in the deity’s heart and so he told them what needs to be done.

"Indeed I am." Answers Gentatsu. "I am one of the deities that you seek, and certainly my little friends, I shall gladly help you with this task that you have been pursuing for so long. I have known for a while that you have been seeking the deities as I have felt it."

"The item you seek from me however is not kept with me as I have kept it somewhere else."

The deity points to the north, spanning what seems to be an enormous land of ice and snow, and at the end a towering mountain blanketed by blizzards and snowstorms.

"There you will seek the Ice Gashapon, an item of immensurable power. It can contain anything you wish for, but be weary. If your heart is not pure, the Gashapon will grant you that item but with the power of evil."

"When you reach the mountain’s foot, all of you must howl like a Wolf. If you time your howls together at just the right moment, the guardian of the mountain will appear. He will then ask a single question. If he is satisfied with your answer, then he will give you the Ice Gashapon. If not, then I don’t have to tell you what will happen."

With that, the Ice Diety brings out a white PSP, sits down on a fallen tree in the snow and plays the new Macross Ace Frontier game.

"Oops! I forgot you guys were still here. Any questions? ^^"

Contemplating deep thoughts of life and mystery have always been Gentatu’s only past-time. Knowing everything in his domain, he senses his ice sculpture (shown above) disturbed by some visitors.

[Ganta: I wonder what this obstruction is…? *inspects the ice formation and takes a few steps back to see it from another angle* Guys…I think we just found the domain of the White Deity]

He heads over to the outskirts of his domain and finds some unusual creatures that seem to have lost their way. They seem to be looking for something and were arguing with each other which seemingly reminded him of another group of cold-blooded creatures which he has had the pleasure of meeting in another time and another place. He stands in front of them with a faint yet noticeable smile.

"Hello my cold-blooded brethren. What brings you to my humble domain?"

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