Found this when Ishida posted it over at the forums. Hatsune Miku, the star of Vocaloid is finally making her way to the PSP. In case you don’t know what Vocaloid is, its a handy PC program developed by Yamaha that creates “human-like” singing voices. It’s been very popular in Japan and now Sega is developing a game for it on the PSP. Too bad it is still way off until its out. It’s hinted that it will be out maybe on mid-2009.

Fat Princess

I’m looking forward to this game for the PS3 from PSN. The game involves 2 factions with the sole objectives of rescuing the Princess from its captors or if you are in the other side, defending your position and preventing the other faction from rescuing the Princess, and a sure way to do that is to stuff the Princess with food that she becomes absurdly fat that it would take an entire army to move her around.

The game is fun, humorous and fresh. I’d definitely get this game once it comes out. However, as always, people (especially feminists) find this game to be insulting. This reminds me of the Resident Evil 5 "racial" issues when some black people started saying it was racists. Oh come on! Did you hear the Hispanics complain when Resident Evil 4 was out?

First of all this is a freaking game! Why are people targeting this when there are lots more "politically incorrect" TV programs and movies around? From what I see, some people are "selective" on the things that get them offended.

I’ve read thru a blog of a supposed housewife, complaining about the game, and you know what? Nothing she says has substance. I guess this is what you would expect if a good game is coming out. I mean look at Grand Theft Auto.

My advice. Non-gamers, just STFU if you don’t know what you are talking about. You are just going to make yourself look more stupid. Can you say FOX (FAUX) NEWS?


I’m really hyped up for this game. The website is finally up and the character list has been updated. There are new characters and new moves. Apparently the story is a bit confusing. Some are saying it takes place before Street Fighter 2 started and right after Street Fighter 1. The only sad thing though is that one of my favorite characters, Akuma, is said to have been dropped by Capcom.

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