Its a little late for my review on this since season two started last Sunday and Japan. As usual the fansubbers are quick to pick this up and for a good reason. Thanks to Shinsen Subs for the superb sub! Anyway on with the review. The new intro song is ftw. UverWorld, one of my favorite J-rock bands is doing it!

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There have been a lot of people asking me where to find some really good wallpapers on the Internet. I have been struggling for quite a while now to get the freshest and most unique wallpapers for my desktop wallie.

Fortunately, a site called Animepaper exists. I’ve known about it for a while but I’ve only recently become an active user. Unlike your common wallpaper site, Animepaper is community-oriented. Users can submit their wallpapers and even scans of rare anime magazines from Japan. In turn you are given currency called "paper" which you can trade to download high quality wallpapers and scans contributed by other members.

So why do they have this system in place? It forces everyone not to just hog the bandwidth uselessly but also contribute to the site. Take it from me. It is worth it! There are tons of beautiful high grade fan made wall papers as well as scans.

Also if you don’t have time to contribute artwork, you can also contribute thru paypal, which with a small fee of $5, you have unlimited wallpaper downloads.

Give the site a try and just in case you like that Haruhi image right on top, go visit the author’s creation here and drop in a thumbs up comment.


I’ve got to say, that I prefer Maskman over Bioman. Why? Because like Shaider this series actually had valuable lessons in the end of each series. Its also the reason why my cousin likes this a lot.

I also dare say that in all the Sentai and Power Rangers series, Maskman has the most impressive giant Mecha fights.

Here they are with their classic Mask Robot with one of the coolest transformations ever:

And here is thier second robot, Galaxy Robo, a gigantic truck, but it still kicks butt:

Aura power!

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