"Let’s begin a new myth, sweet battles, and a miraculous love story…" declares a man on the top of a building in New Tokyo in 2020.

It is a signal of the start of the Sekirei Project. 108 beautiful fighters called Sekirei are dispatched to the world to seek Ashikaba, their masters, in order to be the last surviving Sekirei and realize his or her dream. Sabashi Minato is a high school graduate who failed his college exams last year. He is a loser; he doesn’t have any goals nor does he have any friends, let alone a girlfriend. He failed all his exams this year, too. On his way home, a beautiful girl suddenly falls from the sky. Her name is Yui. She identifies herself as one of the Sekirei and has chosen Minato as her Ashikabi, her fated partner.

So there has been much fuss over this piece of technology. Some say it will be the end of the world because this thing can create black holes. Others say that this is actually a "Stargate" that could open portals to other worlds. And some extremists think that this device will herald in the return of the anti-Christ.

All this thing does is smash and split atoms. We’ve had colliders for a long time but none this big. I don’t understand the fuss of some people about this.


I’ve decided to do something new to my Anime reviews. Instead of just posting pictures I’ve included some video! Providing that Sanriotown Dreamstudio works continuously without any glitches on my browser, you should see a stead stream of videos. Then again if all else fails, there is always youtube.

Update: As luck would have it, I can’t seem to get Dreamstudio loaded up properly. So I’ve uploaded my videos to YouTube. Yo Ishida! Tell those programmers to fix that annoying bug will ya?!

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