Interesting new phone available for Japan only. Why can’t we have stuff like this in the west? I know people prefer their PSPs and DSes but having a portable gaming phone with the best of 2 worlds would be awesome.

The Panasonic P906i as seen from the picture above has a big enough widescreen to rival that of the PSP. It apparently is coming with Professor Layton (popular on the Nintendo DS) and Gundam (popular on the PSP).

If you can read Japanese, here is the product site:

3 Responses to “The Gaming Phone”

  1. but can’t you turn your PSP into a phone using skype?

  2. Looks like the phone is especially made just for DoCoMo. That sucks. I’ve seen some of their Foma phones and they look really cool.

    Ask the FCC as to why we don’t get even half the cool phones over here. I’ve been buying my cellphones from Ebay unlocked and just popping in my SIM. The phone selection here is horrible. LOL.

  3. oo, Professor Layton! Very fun game, and that phone looks sweet! I’ve been here in Japan for a year and a half but I haven’t gotten a cell phone yet XD I want to but all the really cool ones are so expensive ; ;

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