Interesting new phone available for Japan only. Why can’t we have stuff like this in the west? I know people prefer their PSPs and DSes but having a portable gaming phone with the best of 2 worlds would be awesome.

The Panasonic P906i as seen from the picture above has a big enough widescreen to rival that of the PSP. It apparently is coming with Professor Layton (popular on the Nintendo DS) and Gundam (popular on the PSP).

If you can read Japanese, here is the product site:

This is a game I’ll be waiting for once it hits the US markets. Right now its out in Japan and because of its release, a spike in PS3 sales have been seen. Yup, this is a PS3 exclusive game made by SEGA and its looking very promising. Its an action-based strategy RPG. To top it off, the pastel-looking cell-shaded graphics just make it so pretty that it looks like a real Anime. Too bad the English release for this game is dated for September. Sigh…

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