Its fun to see pictures like these every once and a while. It reminds me of my childhood. Space Sheriff Shaider. Though now many of us see it as a bit too cheesy and corny, I still view this old Japanese Sentai show as a part of my childhood. I miss this show. Though it gave us many repetitive scenes the lessons it gave were priceless.

Shaider was shown on Saturday mornings right before another favorite show of mine, Maskman. As a friend recalls, there used to be Snaku commercials in between. Ah the good old days. Its fun to remember your childhood once in a while.

And I leave you with the intro of the series:

3 Responses to “Time Space Warp…”

  1. I miss watching the old Japanese series, too ^_^ The shows may be cheesy for some people, but they’re still the foundation of what we watch nowadays.

  2. The ultimate Space Sheriff, Shaider!

  3. Time-space warp, ngayon din! :)

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