Found this over at Rukia’s blog. I thought I’d try to answer this as it seems really interesting that it made me think so much.

How would you describe color to someone who is blind?

Tough question. Well I’d probably describe it and compare colors to emotions. Something like Red is when you are mad or angry. Blue is when you are feeling down and lonely. Yellow is when you are feeling happy and joyful.

I guess thats how creative I can go and describe it. Or maybe I can go all poetic say something like Red is the color of our blood, therefore Red is life. Blue is the color of water and water is purity.

A world without sight can be scary, but then again to those born without it, seems normal to them. I only wish medical advancements would hurry up so they could invent a cybernetic eye to allow all who are blind be able to see.

I’ve been to different kinds of coffee houses lately and I think I have a good idea on how each different place has its own ups and downs.

First of all the mega-coffee chain that’s got branches and franchises all over the world, Starbucks. They’ve got a lot of variety and by far I think has the fastest service. They’ve got reasonably priced coffee and a good ambience to their stores. The only bad thing I have to say about them is that their coffee is starting to taste a bit “generic”.

Seattle’s Best has been a second for me. The fact that they offer a bit more variety is enough to make me go back every time. In my area at least, they’ve started to offer other food choices other than coffee. Breakfast combos are a welcome addition though they need to step up on the service a bit.

San Francisco coffee is the simplest place you’ll ever be in. They’ve got the cheapest prices for coffee too. I like some of their blends but they need to work on the roasts. Like Seattle’s Best, they offer a variety of food choices as well. My only disappointment is the lack of merchandise like tumblers, coffee cups and etc.


The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has by far the most sought out place that I go to. Its a welcome change to the standard coffee houses like Starbucks. They seem to be more down-to-earth and add a personal touch to their service. Their coffee is good as well as their other food choices. I love the Greek salad and the pasta. Their only waterloo I believe is the pricing of the coffee. Its a bit more expensive so it keeps coffee novices of their doors but hey, I believe you are paying for what you get.

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