Looking for a new anime to watch? Try watching Lucky Star.

Although it was geared to target those with specific tastes in “moe” and “loli” this title actually contains stuff that you don’t usually take time to think and realize about.

For instance, how to eat a croquette. Do you start at the top opening or the bottom part that looks like a cone? It also talks about the more normal everyday school routines, like doing homework, cramming for assignments after summer breaks and participating in school events.

Rare to some Anime titles, it also includes some issues on video gaming among youth and how they handle it. I for one can relate to this Anime because during my time, MMOs were at its infancy and was steadily becoming the rage.

One thing that actually made me watch the series is also the ending theme. Its never the same. The main characters are happily singing away random Japanese songs. Some from Anime, others from old live action series and others popular songs at the time.

Oh and did I mention that one of the characters is actually the voice actress of Haruhi Suzumiya (Aya Hirano)?

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