Whew, time I updated this blog. Been busy with work and all but I managed to find some time to play a good Gundam game.

Gundam Battle Royale Intro Screen

If you are into Gundam Model kits or on to the Gundam Anime I suggest you play the game. This is an old game, I’m only playing it again because a newer one was released and this was a temporary fix for the moment.


The sound effects are very reminiscent to the old classic Gundam series. I wonder if the newer Gundam Seed release will have the same feel?

Gundam Pose 1

The models are very detailed and they’re accompanied by momentary animated screens of the pilots. In the image above, I have a female pilot.

Gundam Pose 2

The only problem I encountered in this game is that I don’t understand Japanese and I can’t find the setting to get the analog working because I can’t read Japanese!

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