Something worth listening to so you can get LSS ^_^. I should warn you that the song may be a bit intoxicating and you will be hearing it over and over for a while unless you go take a really cold shower. So if you dare, click on the link below!

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Ken Kutaragi

The father of the Playstation resigns! A very sad news for gamers everywhere because this mad re-defined the evolution of Next Gen Gaming. He lead the development of the PS1, PS2 and PS3 but due to Sony’s losses on the PS3, he is forced to step down this coming June as Kazuo Hirai steps up to replace him.

This is a serious loss to the Playstation community as a visionary and innovator leaves the next generation scene. If I were you guys I’d get a PS3, his last ever creation. I wonder if Sony will ever make another Console. It seems that there are signs that they will be pulling out of the race, leaving Nintendo and Microsoft to battle it out.

Whew, time I updated this blog. Been busy with work and all but I managed to find some time to play a good Gundam game.

Gundam Battle Royale Intro Screen

If you are into Gundam Model kits or on to the Gundam Anime I suggest you play the game. This is an old game, I’m only playing it again because a newer one was released and this was a temporary fix for the moment.


The sound effects are very reminiscent to the old classic Gundam series. I wonder if the newer Gundam Seed release will have the same feel?

Gundam Pose 1

The models are very detailed and they’re accompanied by momentary animated screens of the pilots. In the image above, I have a female pilot.

Gundam Pose 2

The only problem I encountered in this game is that I don’t understand Japanese and I can’t find the setting to get the analog working because I can’t read Japanese!

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