More surprises seem to popup these days. A friend of mine was surfing innocently when she suddenly found this.

From the looks of it, it was a custom made decal. Some guy or girl must have printed the design on some sticker paper and cut it out and pasted this on his / her PSP.

One thing is for sure. I’m not sticking something like that on my PSP!

I’ve visited Hong Kong for the week alone on a business trip. It’s kind of depressing and lonely that I was alone and I had to spend countless hours walking around this strange City. The day of the hearts came and it got me thinking. When will I find the one for me? Who shall my heart belong to? As I kept pondering about the fact that I may be alone forever, I left the meeting early and I told myself that I would sulk somewhere so I planned to go to Tsuen Wan. What transpired on my way there was unexpected.

Like any other MTR train, this one stopped in front of what seemed to be a crowd of people. The press and the public jammed together waiting for something to happen. The MTR train that arrived was unusual. I swore I saw Hello Kitty’s face on it. I went a little closer and behold, it was filled with Hello Kitty and everything Sanrio. “Is this some sort of publicity stunt this Valentines?” I found myself gathering around a group of people waiting what would happen next.

At the train’s automatic door, there was this intricately designed arrangement of flowers that formed a heart. The doors swung open wide and this couple dressed in white and what appears to be a Hello Kitty wedding theme, came out with a great wide smile. The Groom was wearing a Victorian-style outfit. His bride was cute, she wore a simple yet pretty Hello Kitty wedding gown that seemed to be adorned by Hello Kitty decals and accessories.

This was a wedding I have never seen before. It was interesting enough that I followed them walk down Central Station’s walkway and you’ll never know who greeted them. Hello Kitty mascots, Hello Kitty herself and it looked like she was the Maid of Honor, and Dear Daniel in his dashing Tuxedo, I’m assuming he was the best man.

Anyway I tried to follow them with the crowd and photographers. There was even a news team present. I don’t speak Chinese so I just pretended to know what they were saying. They stopped in this makeshift wedding chapel of sorts and as to be expected, it was everything Hello Kitty. From what I’ve learned from some of the English speakers in the crowd, this was a wedding that was sponsored by Sanrio. This lucky couple were the recipients.

I watched on but I began to loose heart because I remembered my own depression. I have no one to love. Will I experience what these two have experienced? True love that they have bound their lives together in Holy Matrimony. To love and to live for each other from now on.

As the cameras flashed, I walked on my way coming to a sad realization that I may never be loved…

This PSP game is one of my favorites. The artwork and character designs were done by a popular Japanese Manga artist Mitsuru Nakamura. The game’s concept is fun and simple. You have to follow through the beat to play awesome guitar riffs and at the same time dodge your enemy’s attacks.

The story is also quite compelling. An ordinary boy named “Yuan” (U-1 in the English version), the sole successor of the Gitaroo is suddenly thrown into battle against the evil Gravillian Empire that wishes to acquire all the Gitaroos to conquer the universe.

With the help of his trusty dog, Puma, Yuan braves through the different stages to defeat those who try to steal his gitaroo.

Complete stages with a high score or no mistakes to unlock special features in the game.

There’s also a duet mode enabling 2 players on WIFI to battle and cooperate against harder foes or to go one on one.

The superb music tracks are also worth to hear. High quality song and music pieces from various artist give this game a nice rhythm to it.

My ratings for this game (5 = highest, 1 = lowest):

Graphics = 4. The graphics in the game are nice as well as the smooth transition between the FMV and the actual gameplay.

Sound = 5. Astonishing sound. Best heard when using a headphone or earbuds. Love the guitar riffs!

Gameplay = 4. Though the game story is only short, it is worth going back to to try to get a perfect score to unlock special items in the game.

Overall = 4. One of the best rhythm games I’ve ever played. Simple enough  for newcomers to the game but also satisfying enough for the old fans. I suggest you guys pick up a copy of the game! It’s also available on PS2.

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