I’d like to share things about my PSP. First of all I bought it at Hong Kong, last year around June or July. If I remember I got my PSP from 188 or 288 at Wan Chai. There’s this building that sells video games and consoles and you can get a good bargain there.

My PSP is White Ceramic in color and it originally came with Sony’s Official 2.6 Firmware, and its a TA motherboard. For a while I was stuck because there was no way that Homebrew would run on PSP firmwares beyond 2.0.

Homebrew by the way is a term that means “custom programs”. There were programmers who came up with the idea to run custom programs for the PSP. Ever since, it was called Homebrew.

Unfortunately, my PSP had no capability for a few months. I was stuck with playing with just UMD games. Then one of these programmers released a nifty little program that enables 2.71 PSPs to run homebrew.

Then Christmas came, a programmer named Dark Alex was able to customize the official Sony firmware and make drastic modifications. Everyone was able to run Homebrew now.

My PSP is currently running on 3.03 OE-C Firmware:

If you notice, my PSP has its own black background. Default PSPs dont have this.

Currently I have 1 UMD Disc in my drive. Its Virtua Tennis, you get to choose from world renowned professional Tennis Players.

I also have a new PSP game called Twin Bee Portable. This is an old classic game that was first released on the Nintendo Entertainment System. (NES):

I also have Megaman X Maverick hunter. Also a classic from the NES days. This was actully on the Playstation 1:

Did I mention that my PSP can play emulated Playstation 1 games? Here’s Parasite Eve, a classic PS1 RPG game from Squaresoft:

I also have a lot of Movies on my PSP so I can watch them on the go. Currently my favorite is the Boston Slowmo movie from the band Typecast. I’ll upload the movie when I have time:

I’ve also got a nifty program called PSP Filer. Its sort of a file management program that can rename, delete and move files on the PSP memory stick:

Stay tuned for my game reviews on the PSP. I’ll be posting some soon. Hope you enjoyed reading this article about my PSP.

This Anime is about a regular school girl who is so clueless about what’s going on around her. She’s impulsive, hyper-active and she easily gets bored and always wants to do things her way. Those around her don’t seem to agree but there is a certain charisma that keeps them from leaving her.

She formed a club at school that she calls the “SOS Brigade” that basically does everything Haruhi wants to do.

Here is a video of her dance. It was uploaded by Shij, please comment on his nicely uploaded video.

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