Hey everyone! I’m back! I am sure that my friends have been worrying about me since my last post, which was in, what, June, July, maybe? Anywhoosits, on to my latest activities! I saw the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic premere, the Thanksgiving Parade, and just yesterday night, I downloaded on my 3DS, YouTube. Aaaaaand to add insult to injury, I’m sick, and on the worst, I mean the WORST day ever. I really wanted to go the movies, but because I don’t feel up to it, I might as well just continue looking at the hundreds of millions of trailers. Almost 11:30 A.M., I’m delirious, so I might as well close for now….

Hey guys! I just came back from seeing the #1 comedy of the summer…
One word. HILARIOUS!
Didn’t like it. Loved it. And I got soundtrack a little while ago. And the app a bit longer ago. And a toy that came with my Happy Mealâ„¢. And I watched the first movie as well.

Keep it real, Minions!
Don’t be stupid and fall for the ice cream truck trick! If you do you’ll be whished away to be become a mutation of yourself, not to mention mindless, purple and furry!

ACK! ALIENS! They are gonna take over the world, guys! And their leader, Darth Idiot! Only one way we can stop ‘em. Melt ‘em up like the Wicked Witch of the West with our WATER PISTOLS!! So… NO. MORE. PAJAMAS!!! Or onion rings. They’re bad for your breath. Or garlic. So beware. They’re coming this summer to a computer near you. So watch your backs. Brownie might kick some alien butt with a bucket. And mango pits. And watermelons seeds drenched overnight in lemon juice in the freezer. And a dragon. And a ‘gator. And a tow truck. (I sound so redundant! I had better stop rambling and talking stupidstupidstupid. Bye, I think.) I’m not done with my rambling! Kidding. ZEROOOOOOOO!!!!

Hey guys. It’s me. I am reporting right now as I type that I am on summer vacation! The school year was long and tiring, especially the last day of school. The last day of business is always tiring because you [literally] have a huge exam in every subject… pretty much. (Last week, on Tuesday, I graduated, but I was so exausted from thinking that my brain nearly exploded and my right hand was sore.) Moving on. Now this, ladies and gentlemen is something that I have been wanting to get off of my chest since the beginning of June. Not only is it my 1-year anniversary, but Club Penguin is having a Monsters University Takeover Party, which blew my mind. It was completely out of the blue! And boy, my predictions for my epic, rad summer were WAY wrong. :O
Kay, I’m rambling. See you on the flip side. And by flip side, I mean HKO, International Server, Sanrio Bay, near the lake at 12:00 EST- 7:00 EST.
Love you. Bye ;)

What an exausting week I had to put up with. Homework, nausea, AND allergies!
Homework-Lots in History :(
Nausea- I’ve been feeling like vomiting at night recently. Hate it!
Allergies- Uncontrollable amounts of mucous and coughing.
Augh! And I have to face it ALL AGAIN on Monday. Cannot wait till school’s done. Then, I’ll be as free as a pretty songbird! MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Whoo! I’m so stoked for April’s party on CP… Drumroll please! (Drumroll) Ladies and gentlemen! I am pround to announce that the Marvel Takeover is coming! When I heard that it was returning on the official blog, (www.clubpenguin.com/blog) I literally screamed my head off! I mean, well, last year was epic, and I just knew it had to come… I even had it all figured out last night… May is the Medie.. Medev.. oh, you know! June is one of two, the Adventure Party or Music Jam. July is the same. August will have to be an EPF event or another Great Snow Race. September is the Fair. October is the Halloween Party. November has to be the Card Jitzu Snow update. Dexember is the Holiday Party. If everything happens accordingly, I will be in utter shock… Oh, yes. I am officially on Spring break! So, I have a whole week off! No ore bisecting angles, using a protracor or compass, adding, and ect.

It was the first day of the Adventure Party, and the Migrator had officially come into port, which meant an epic adventure. After just about two weeks later, I made huge plans to sneak on board, show myself after going too far from the Island, and go on a REAL adventure! I creaped on board and hid in the crow’s nest. I fell fast asleep there, until I awoke a few hours later to find Yarr rubbing against my face. “Yarr? Where are ye?” I gasped! Rockhopper was right below! I tried to keep my excitment inside, but I accidentally muttered to myself rather loudly, and he heard me! I slapped my flippers over my beak. “If ye be a stowaway, get down here!” I had no choice. I slowly decended the crow’s nest, ready for a “don’t-sneak-on-me-ship-ever-again” lecture. “Sir, I can explain-” “I’ve heard enough. We’re sailin’ right back in the mornin’.” “But sir! You didn’t even give me a chance to respond. Look, I may seem weak for a girl, but let me assure you, I have had plenty of experience! I’ve even wrestled with a squid before.” He grumbled, and I could tell he still wasn’t very convinced. “If you really sail alone, then you might let me be your partner one day.” “Fine. I’ll let ye sail to trecarous waters and test ye if ye be shipshape.” Boy, talk about a serious doubter. The next day, we sailed to dangerous waters, and I proved to Rockhopper that I was definitely pirate material. “So? Are you gonna let me go back or what?” “I can’t believe me eyes. A girl! Shipshape! On me ship!” He let me go on an adventure on Rockhopper Island. Epic! Soon, I found myself in a genuine pirate captain hat. I had a sword and the most awesome captain suit. On deck, the satly sea air gently swept through my hair. And after this “stowaway” incident was over, Rockhopper official called me my own captain and his friend. And every time he comes to the island, he lets me go on an adventure for a few months, and I always come back with something like a Beta item or a furniture item.
-Brownsugar35, Co-Captain

My name is Luna, a popular Japanese pop singer. In these adventures, you’ll see my life as a megastar and get a glimpse of life as a mishap which turns me into a superhero!
Age: 16
Personality: optimistic, silly, caring
Favorite song: “Dynomite”

“Wow! I can’t believe it! You and me are gonna be mega stars!” I said with vigor. Cadence led me to a large set and opened the door. A huge set rushed around us! I felt claustrophobic and hot. “Everyone, let me introduce you to our second star-on-set, Brownsugar35!” Cadence shouted. Everybody gave me a large round of applause. She immediately introduces me to the cast and crew. By now, I’m exausted from meeting penguins and adding their numbers on my cell phone! Then, it was finally time for the whole ‘Lights! Camera! Action!’ thing. We get our outfits together, rehearse on set, record it, and finish by 5:00 PST. “Whew! What a day,” I say casually as Cadence and I home. “You said it, gal,” she says. “And to celebrate, we’ll have a sleepover at my place, with popcorn, a movie, and a manicure!” I announced. So, we had our little spa party. A few days later, we went to the Penguin Awards, and won first prize!

T’was a special day on Club Penguin. It was the first day of the Hollywood Party! I bustled about, getting breakfast ready and choosing an outfit to wear. I made something easy for breakfast and chose something rather simple to wear- a tee, sneakers, and a simple hat. My puffles and I ate our food quickly and when I finished washing the dishes, I opened the door and saw a pink, sparkly, and glitzy limo! I squealed with excitement. I rush inside and see a pink and purple DJ booth, a sky blue pool, and a rainbow dance floor.
“This is what I call living the dream!” I say. I look out of the window and see CP Studios! Cadence stands outside and smiles. “Hi, Dream Girl!” she says to me. “Heyo, Daddy-O!” I reply.
“I have some awesome news! We’re gonna star in a movie- ‘Fashion Passion’!” she says vigoriously.

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