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One word: Tumblr.

It’s changed everything.

You can find me there darlings,


Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve updated but I was at camp so that kinda makes up for it.

Here are some of my pictures from camp:

Dining Hall

(Dining Hall Doors)


(outside our cabin/apartment thingy)

That’s all my computer will let me do for now, but I’ll post some more later.

Here’s my new favorite song:



Scotty Mcreery

Well, you know I’m happy about the new American Idol, Scotty Mcreery.

The seventeen year-old North Carolinian so deserves the title in my mind.

First of all, he’s awesome.

Second of all, he’s got a great voice.

And third of all, he’s awesome.

I’m sooooo exicted.

I stayed up all of the night before calling in to vote for him, and I voted like 100 times on the interenet for him.

Lauren Aliana, second runner up, was good, but in my personal oppinion was to much like Carrie Underwood, winner of like season 3.

So, as I scream my head off in happiness for the win of the ever-so-cute-and-awesome-and-good-singer Scotty Mcreery…

I think I’ll go drink some pepsi…

Great, another random post topic….

Yeah so I had writen a really depressing blog post and was about to post it until I saw a random Hetalia vid and got all cheered up.

I’m moody, aren’t I?

This Summer, I’m not going to be doing anything awesome, so Prussia wins this battle of awesomeness.

See, my life is really boring, even if it gets exciting at some points, my “sarcastically negative” attitude my dearest Mother says I have, gets in the way.
I must agree, I do bring things down quite often, but it’s because I don’t have anything better to do.
So, I’m going to summer camp, and my birthday is coming up. I’m going to Florida for a wedding in August too.

(now onto a completly differant subject)

My Granny is the most awesome woman I know.
She’s in her early sixties and she’s got more energy than my mother.
She’s a joy to be around, she’s always laughing and joking and singing and dancing. She never yells at me when I screw things up, a little correction and a gentle push in the right direction. She doesn’t always compare me to my sisters or my mother or herself. She actually gets that she grew up in a different time period then I did. She’s more warm than my other grandmother, who backstabs my mother and scolds my dad on his parenting job. She’s so loving and kind and…awesome. I’m so blessed to have her.
That didn’t make much sense did it? I guess it’s hard to describe all the things she’s done for me in my crazy messed up upside-down world.

(let’s go on to another random topic)

My parents don’t want me exposed to the real world for some reason, although I know so much about it.
I feel like Ariel sometimes, (yes, I just compared myself to the little mermaid). She wanted her freedom, but her father wouldn’t let her have it. He thought he knew what was best for her, and granted he did, but he was sheltering her.

(another random paragraph…)

I noticed something about my blog today, it’s mostly my nonsense ramblings about my love life, or my current obsession. I know that’s what all blogs pretty much are, but it’s so strange to see my words on the internet.
It makes me think about words, and how after you say them you’ll never get them back.
See, more random ramblings.
I guess sometimes people need to make no sense in their life. It kind of makes sense not to make sense. What am I saying?
I started this post talking about how the summer was going to be stupid, but now I’m talking about how important words are.

Alright, I’ve offically gone insane.

(yeah, that was odd, and here’s some random art now:)

Live Life Loud



(this post was random. oh wait, they always are…)

lvie like were dying

It’s lunch time, and I usually eat noodles everyday for lunch, so that’s the only thing that is running through my head right now.

 I’m soooooo tired it’s not even funny. But I guess I deserve it since I stayed up all night writing my latest fanfiction. You can check out my fanfiction account from this link: http://www.fanfiction.net/~abigailyrox

Anyways, I’m living up the fast computer today.

For some strange reason, the stupid computer that take fifty years to load a page it now going like 100 miles per hour, which is a good thing!

I’ve been drawing Hetalia pictures lately, most of them are really stupid looking, but I like this one: (warning: is supporter of FEMALE China)

Hold Still Aru

So yeah.

On the subject of Hetalia, I’ve been going on video sprees since I finished watch APH dub, and I’ve found tons of awesome vids.

I like these two alot:


So yeah, there’s my Hetalia obsession update :P
I’m going to camp in three weeks! I can’t wait, and then my birthday is coming up too….!!! June is my favorite month of the year, and as soon as May comes along, I pace the floor waiting for June…

I used to have something called, “World Book Encyclopia” and it was like a 1999 version for the computer, but my mom surprised me today with an early birthday gift since I’m working on a project in school that I’ll need it for.
World Book 2011! It is was better than the 1999 version…
One of my favorite things about it is you can listen to all sorts of music on it.
I love listening to the Europian music and the national anthems.

Speaking of which, I better get back to my research…
I’ll try to post later!!!

Yeah so it’s been like a week since I last posted, and I wish I could say it’s ’cause I’ve been busy…

But I can’t.

I don’t know why I haven’t been on in awhile but I’m here now :D

So today I went to this “Japanesse Tea” thing and I ate way too much Japanese food and drank way to much tea. It was fun, we learned alot about Japan and the earthquake and things like that .

I have a bad cold right now. My head is killing me, my nose is stuffed up and I can barely keep my eyes open.

I finished Hetalia Axis Powers and I’m waiting for the movie and World Sereis to be dubbed…(’cause I like Dub way better)

I’ve gotten into a local author named Ann Tatlock. She writes interesting books, and I’m a bookworm.

I downloaded MMD (Miku Miku Dance) and I’m trying to figure out how to make it all work.

I got a Selena Gomez CD with a mini-dvd inside which has alot of interesting information about her.

I’ve been watching Princess Diaries 1 and 2 lately and I like 2 better than the first.

I’m bored out of my mind right now.

I’ve offically been crowned an idiot by my best friend :P

and….that’s all I can think of sharing…

OH! I got this awesome Hello Kitty shirt that says “love” on it but instead of “O” it’s Hello Kitty’s head. :D It’s green.

Anyway…I guess I’d better go take somemore Tylanol.

Oh yeah, and congratz SaraJane to winning blog of the week :D


Is it really possible its the month of May already?

I had a really busy day today, my co-op thingy had a party.

I’m so tired, I was running, dancing, swimming, walking through a creek, ziplining and more.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned Julia before in my blog. Julia’s family hosted the party.

Julia used to follow Meggie everywhere, but she’s seems to be breaking free and not being such a shadow to everyone anymore.

Well, I carpooled with Emma and her sister Jane…and when we got to Julia’s house, we ziplined for a bit, because we were the first to get there. Then everyone else started arriving and stuff.

So then there was this thing some of the kids had done, it was like sometype of Cross Country Running thing and they were going to run 3 miles. I’d been in the group a few times, and they said I could attempt at it.

I made it half way, then I died. 

Then we did a bunch of other random things, like eating lunch, ziplinging some more, eating ice cream, I got my face painted, and stuff like that.

Then Jacob, Sarah, Emma, Julia and I went wading in the creek. We were looking for a lost shoe.

So the rocks were slippery, and I really didn’t mean to on purpose, but I slipped…and Jacob caught me.

It was very interesting.

Emma, who loves him to death, gave me the death glare.

Sarah, who knows I do like him…sorta, laughed her head off at me.

The conversation after he caught me, was kind of strange.

Me: Thanks….

Jacob: . . . .*still holding my arms* No Problem.

Me: *blushes* (Yeah, I didn’t know what to say)

Him: *still holding one of my arms, lightly, on the wrist*

Emma: *falls, like dramatically* Ugh…I’m wet.

Jacob: . . . Do you need help…?

Emma: *stands up, annoyed* I suppose I’ll survive.

Jacob: *lets go of my wrist and blushes slightly…smiles at me and then starts wading away*

But anyways…on a differant note…(because I don’t want to bore you with the rest of the afternoon….)

I am so proud of myself!
I got Hello Kitty headphones!

 They were just like $8.00 at Marshalls and I was like: AHHHH! MUST BUY!
So after that random note, here’s another random note.
I’ve become addicted to Disney Princesses. Okay, just the music.
I know, I’m constantly getting addicted to things, but I do still LUV Hetalia. (I went on a random video spree last night….)
The reason why I’m turning into a Princess manic is because of our stupid sing-along dvds.
The music is just so awesome!
I espically like: “If You Can Dream”, the song which all the princesses sing. It’s awesome. But my all time favorite princess is Pocahantas. And this is such a beautiful music video someone randomly made, so I figured I’d put that up here…And if you can dream too :D


Round and Round

I have sat here the past fourteen minutes waiting for my computer to load. But now it has. Wow, what a lame way to start a post.


So I’m having a problem.
I don’t know what to do.
I’m falling in love.
With all three dudes.

Yeah, lame rhyme thing that I don’t know how to explain.
Yeah, so I’ve told you all about…JJ…and Jacob right? Well…now I’ll tell you about Mark. He’s a very friendly kid. He looks at the world with a big smiley face. He’s just….so…happy. Anyways, he’s nice to everyone.
I’ve had a long history with him. I was ten when I first met him, my grandpa made me shake his hand (what kind of . . . is that?) and ummmmm….we’ve had several interesting events since. Like…when I was eleven. It was valentines day.
One of my friends, (ha, it was Meggie. We were BFFs then.) had those conversation hearts. I had brought a bunch to the thingy and I’d given them to all my friends. Mark wanted some. He was pleading with Meggie, wanting her to give him some. Meggie gave him a few, but then came across one that said: “Kiss me.” Meggie imediatly announced she was not giving him that one. He found out what it said and asked Meggie if she would…kiss him. (She likes him so I have no idea why…) she said no. He turned to me with a grin and asked, “Abby, will you kiss me?” I screamed and ran down the hallway. (Heh, that was a few years ago, if he asked me this year…I wouldn’t turn him down…)
There have been more incidents, like the time I turned around and found him putting his head on my shoulder…(?) and other little things of that sort.
This year he’s behaved a little more. But I’m all of a sudden falling in love with him. I don’t know what the heck I’m going to do. I’m also going to the same summer camp as him, that’ll be fun.
Jacob…I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that I had a crush on him last year, until I met his best buddy Jeremy (JJ)? Well anyway…I…like Jacob again. I mean, it’s like…IDK. I just like him again. He has interests in another girl though. And she’s a comeplete jerk.
And Sarah, his sister/one of my best friends says he likes me though. I don’t know what’s up.
Then there is Jeremy.
Jeremy likes me alot, and I thought I liked him too. I mean, I know I like him but I like Jacob and Mark too.
I hate this. I feel like I have to choose too. I haven’t see Jeremy in several weeks, Jacob’s been around with Sarah and he’s been hanging out around me alot and then Mark went on vacation so I haven’t seen him in a while.
It’s like…when I see Jeremy, I walk on sunshine. When I see Mark, my heart flutters. When I see Jacob, I just…go crazy.
One of my best friends hate Mark and think Jacob is immature, she thinks I should stick with Jeremy.
Sarah thinks I should stick with Jeremy, but she’s fine with her brother and Mark too. She just wants me to make up my mind.
My other friend…well, she’s more of a on again off again girl,(technically she’s the jerk Jacob likes) obviously doesn’t like the fact that I like Jacob.
Meggie, who isn’t my friend really but is at the same time, likes Mark and Jeremy and thinks I should stick with Jacob.
I have no idea who I should like!
Jeremy- Because he’s so nice and he likes me back?
Mark- Because we have history and he too likes me back?
Jacob- Because I liked him in the past and he may like me?
Those probably aren’t even the best reasons.
I probably sound so immature, but I really don’t know who to like and I don’t want to become a nun.
You know, funny thing is, they’re all friends.

You know another funny thing? I seem to post alot about my love life. That’s sad.

So I’ll post something else too:


^That is a Tomato. It’s almost as creepy as Aloha Buzz was.

Oh yeah, I adopted a Squiby! :D

Click Me!

Adopted from Squiby

Better go brush my hair! Ciao!

It’s easy to forget about the real reason for easter. You get so excited about your easter basket, the egg hunt and the candy. The family, the friends…You forget about the REAL reason. That reason was  is Jesus. Jesus came down to be born as man so he could live the perfect life and take away the sin of the world. He died on the cross, and stayed burried in the tomb for three days. On the third day, easter sunday, He arose. Death could not hold him down.

He is the Savior of the world, if you trust in him, you won’t have to die, but you can go to heaven and live an eternal life with Him. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

So these past hours since I last posted, (wow, I’m posting like eight times a day now) we did not go to the arboreatum.

My six year old cousin was very please I sat next to him at dinner when we went to a lovely Mediterranian place called “Paylmara”. I got Manicotti and Hummus with Pita Wedges. I also got my favorite drink….PEPSI!

Oh the sweet joy of feeling crazy! I haven’t had pepsi in like forever!

I took a nap this afternoon, but was awaken by my cousin, Kyle, storming into my room saying: “COUSIN ABBY! WAKE UP!!!” which was very dissapointing because I was having the most wonderful dream.

yeah, it was kinda random, and all I remember was that I enjoyed it.

I love this picture, it’s just like me and my best friend!


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