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hello…i know that it’s been a while b4 i finally got 2 write again…and now i’m back!!!i will now be blogging about my native language: TAGALOG/FILIPINO…the words here are just basics…and i’ll try to squeeze in some sentences bcoz this nxt week is exams..(eeek!)

filipino:                                                     english:

kamusta ka?                                            how are you?

paalam!                                                      goodbye!

tulong!                                                         help!

aso                                                                  dog

pusa                                                             cat

baboy                                                          pig

ibon                                                             bird

ako ay masaya                                           i am happy

salamat!                                                     thank you

walang anuman                                           your welcome

puti                                                                  white

itim                                                                  black

bughaw                                                             blue

*you can still say the english name of the colors here.*

so,that is one one of the easy-2-pronounce filipino words…..

By the way,come here in the PHILIPPINES…


hello again! i want to ask everyone what’s your fave dessert/s.if you would ask me,i have a LOT of fave dessert/s and still counting…some of my desserts are ones that i made myself.Like for example,the chocolate heaven…mmmm….

Back to the topic….the dessert/s i will tell you now are the ones i tasted when i was vacationing at Hong Kong..to start with……the apple toffee crumble i tasted at Stormies-(Elements branch).it was the perfect serving of apples,caramel and nuts.And boy,was i full when i finished it. though it was small in size,you could really say that it was big in taste.(proof to say that BIG things come in small packages!) and moving on….the egg tart(do ypu classify it as a dessert?i dunno..but for me it’s a dessert) it’s my first time to taste an egg tart.it was really affordable.actually my mom scolded me for buying too many egg tarts once…hehehehe..and the last for the day the crepes! (again,my first time to taste..) it was really really appetizing.even just looking at it you could really feel your sweet tooth crumbling….it has many varieties to choose from.Like the possibilities are endless! it’s also healthy because some of the choices has fruits in it like banana,strawberry etc……so,i hope you enjoyed my blog entry for today…see ya next time….
P.S.–> leave me a comment and tell me what’s your favorite dessert….

i know that it’s almost a few months away before me and my classmates have vacation.i know i should be happy because we are free from all that homework.but as one of the class officers,i feel that i have a special bond between all of them.that “special bond” became to grow when i started making them quiet,listing the noisy ones,helping a fellow classmate when crying.etc… it feels that i got to know them better.either for good or bad…..sigh….i better just reminisce all the time i still have with them..who knows,maybe this will be their last year at our school…..

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