Hey, all (meaning one person, JOO)!

 My name is Leslie, call me Flyingmochi :] I am not a 5-year-old. I may type like one. It’s fine, you will tolerate it even if you don’t want to. My life isn’t interesting so let’s make it interesting, OK? ^_^

  My whole entire blog will mainly consist of thorough descriptions of my (Oh, my leg just fell asleep!) shopping experiences; I love shopping. Wait, scratch that. I will be going to post random updates about my life as well. Having a whole blog about shopping would be so hard to maintain.

 I’m not sure how to use semicolons and commas correctly just yet, but I’m trying and that’s all that matters, you. Ahh, yeah.. Summer school is currently whipping me into shape.

  I like the color green. It makes me happy because when I think of green, I think FRESH! Yeah? Like vegetables, fruits, and such. Awesome crunch celery makes~

 OK! Get ready to be less than satisfied!   


- Flyingmochi

P.S. I’m not sorry when I abruptly change topics. Deal with it :]

P.P.S. Typos are inevitable.

One Response to “I’m Superhuman.”

  1. Lmao my blog is filled with random things too!
    Recently I just found out that I’m an “art Nerd” 8D
    I talk like a kid~ I don’t know how to use semi colons either *FAiL*
    I also like using faces ^-^ You’re going to summer school? o . o aww
    My friend called me and said she wanted to go back to school cus it’s summer vaction and it’s boring at home ._.

    Sorry for the ultra long comment (x

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