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Eheheh, I haven’t posted in a while. Not going to apologizeeee. Here are some things that are cool:

AFW Order #2! : http://forum.asiajam.com/your-runway/12546-afw-order-number-2-img-heavehh.html

Uhh, dead racoon :

ohyeah012.jpg picture by kiwileelee

ohyeah013.jpg picture by kiwileelee

HEY! NEW HAIRCUT. It’s OK, if you don’t know what’s different. I don’t really care~ :

 ohyeah014.jpg picture by kiwileelee

ohyeah015copy.jpg picture by kiwileelee

My friend in a banana costume for Halloween yesterdayy : 

ohyeah016.jpg picture by kiwileelee

ohyeah017.jpg picture by kiwileelee

ohyeah018.jpg picture by kiwileelee

A lettuce baby :

ohyeah006.jpg picture by kiwileelee

ohyeah007.jpg picture by kiwileelee

ohyeah008.jpg picture by kiwileelee

A heart on a butt that’s really a flashlight shining light on a butt. My other friend’s butt :

ohyeah002.jpg picture by kiwileelee

 My other other friend’s feet :

ohyeah011.jpg picture by kiwileelee

Pacific East Mall:

ohyeah003.jpg picture by kiwileelee

Annnnnd,  that’s about it. Woaaah, what’s with this color? I’m pressing buttons I’m not supposed to be pressing.



Hey, I haven’t been writing anything lately :( That’s OK because I’m writing something now and that’s all that matters :D

I’ve come to ask a very important question. WILL YOU BE MY PEN PAL? >:O

I like to write letters of loveliness and if you would read and reply to them, you would be my best friend.

It doesn’t matter if your from Sri Lanka, New Zealand, or Texas. I’ll totally be your pen pal! As long as you agree to one condition.

You cannot be a creppy old man.

That would be creepy :|


Hey, update on my life! Yep, I’m still a freshman. I’m slowly getting used to the high school life. My schedule has been changed like a bajillion times though -___- I’ve met a lot of new people and caught up with a lot of old friends.

I’m taking jazz dance as my elective and I’m sorry to say that I kind of suck at it. I know most of the steps to our dance, but sometimes I just can’t keep up.

OH MY voldemort. P.E. sucks!!!! We have these democracy days where we have to run around the track a certain amount of times. 10 laps for an A, 9 laps for a B, 8 laps for a C, and 7 laps and lower are automatically F’s.

It’s lucky that since I’m taking jazz dance and P.E. this year, I don’t need to take jazz dance or P.E. anymore for the rest of my high school years because I’d have already covered my P.E. credits/units or whatever.

So for my sophomore year, I’m planning to take a different elective and Spanish. Blah, I wish my school offered Korean, Mandarin, German, or French.  I don’t really want to learn Spanish, but my school doesn’t offer anything else for language classes.

Oh well,




 Puaha, De Moi Pour Vous is now selling EOS lenses! WHOOP! Who is De Moi Pour Vous? She is the awesome lady that I buy circle lens from! Her prices are totally fair and she provides excellent service :D

 For September, she is going to give away a free pair of EOS lenses to people who submit a photo of themselves wearing EOS lenses they have preordered from her.

 Here are the steps:

Submit a photo of yourself wearing the EOS lenses you have pre-ordered from me and receive a free pair of EOS lenses!

Of course, terms and conditions apply, but they’re pretty simple.

1.) The EOS lenses you model must be ones you have pre-ordered from me from this batch.

2.) You will receive a free pair of EOS lenses for every pair you pre-order and model.

3.) Photos are subject to approval. The photos you send: a) MUST be un-photoshopped and un-marked with text, images, watermarks, etc. However, you can use crop or cut.

b) MUST be bright and clear. Blurry, dark, fuzzy, etc. pictures will not be accepted.

c) MUST clearly show both the EOS lenses and the shop card which you receive with your order. For example:

4.) Once your photo has been approved, your free EOS lenses will be shipped out to you via Registered Airmail.

5.) PLUS get a 10% discount on your next EOS/GEO lens pre-order/order if you submit a photo of you wearing your free lenses (#3 Terms apply).

How simple is that?! So what are you waiting for? Pre-order your EOS lenses now!

Hehe, isn’t it so tempting? I’m trying to save up some money to take part in this :D Here is some more information:


Price: $25 Per Pair (Except for Toric Lenses)

Shipping: S/H is FREE!

Lens Case: One included with every pair ordered for FREE! Period: September 5 until September 25

Payment Deadline: September 26

If you’re interested, here is the link to the preorder:



Have fun ^_^



 I dyed my hair right? It’s really not much of a change.

mhmm018.jpg picture by kiwileelee This is my hair when I’m inside.

mhmm019.jpg picture by kiwileeleeBut look! The light coming from the window makes it look way lighter o_o

mhmm020.jpg picture by kiwileeleemhmm021.jpg picture by kiwileelee

Heeeey! I’m outside now and my hair has a reddish tint?

Ehh, I’m pretty sure that my hair didn’t change much. It’s not real noticeable in real life, but when I look at my roots, they’re almost blonde ._.


Maybe I’ll dye my hair again with a different color next month?



P.S. Here’s a picture of my little sister’s hair so you get an idea of how my hair was before I dyed it :]

mhmm022.jpg picture by kiwileelee

 Dressing up wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be. Today was really hot and my sister kept bothering me x_x Ugh, my sister.

I really like these shirts Everything is perfect except for the left pocket on the green shirt. It’s sewed up :/ It can only fit one of my fingers. Oh, and the purple shirt’s color is a little off, but it’s fine.

These sweats are wonderful! So comfortable ^_^ But I think they would look nicer if I were taller.

Nothing really bad to say about these shirts. The material is nice :] It’s not thin.

These leggings are as picture. They’re pretty thin and stretchy. I didn’t feel like modeling them

I LOVE THIS SHIRT! How can you not love the panda?! It’s my favorite out of the whole order

I realize that I’m looking down a lot. The camera is intimidating.
Nothing wrong with this shirt

I like this dress, but without the belt, there is no shape. With the belt, I feel so shy >__>
The top part is a bit thin, but nothing a tanktop can’t fix.

I like this dress but it’s kind of thin and it shows a bit of my back.. Eh. I like it anyway :]

Grrrrr. I had thought that there was nothing wrong with this dress, but when I tried it on, I realized that there were no buttons on the front x[ Gah. I think I’ll just find some buttons myself and sew them on. That fabric is pretty thin too. I guess this is the most disappointing of the bunch -___-

It’s like the picture :] Nothing wrong.

Mmm, there’s nothing wrong with this top. After looking at it for a bit, I realized that I would never wear something like this >__>

The material and style looks kind of different from the picture, but other than that, there isn’t anything bad.

There’s nothing wrong with this shirt either. I just don’t like how it looks on me, so no modeling :/

Heh, this shirt isn’t as big as it looks on the website picture. When I stretch out my arm, it does not look like that, but I like it this way.

Annnd there’s nothing wrong with this shirt either. I just don’t like how it looks on me.

Giggity giggity goo.


 Oh oh oh man. My sister just finished applying Palty Hair Dye in Honey Brown to my herr.

  It’s kind of itchy. I hope it doesn’t turn out messed up >__> If it comes out nice, I’ll try to get a picture up later :] If it turns out fugly, I’ll go straight to Walgreens and get dark brown hair dye :[

 I’m kind of worried because the dye turned green in the bottle.. And I heard that when dyes are old, they turn your hair green.. I hope that doesn’t happen. But maybe it’ll turn out to be a cool green? ^_^

 Kekekekekeke. Wish me luck?


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