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When sending emails my real name is displayed as sender. How to change that?

November 24th, 2008 by

Due to a technical change every user may now decide for himself whether he wants to have his full name or just his email address being displayed as sender when sending a mail.

The default setting will be your full name.

Wanna change this? Then just proceed as shown below:

  • Log in to Sanriotown ( with your user ID and password.
  • Now click on ‘My Account’ on the upper left and then on ‘Options’ on the upper right.
  • On the following page, maybe after scrolling down a little, you will find the ‘Preferences’.
  • There you will find the option ‘Include first name and last name in ‘From’ line:’.
  • If you click on ‘Yes’, the first and last name as specified in your details will be shown. If you click on ‘No’ only your email address will be shown as sender.

Sanriotown Europe Team

How much does ist cost to use Sanriotown?

June 30th, 2008 by

Using the website itself is free of charge, as well as the website’s email service.

Only if you wish to retreive your mails using an email client, forward your emails to a different email adress or wish to enlarge your email quota, you will need to pay a fee.

In order to check out the Premium Services, simply log on to our website, and then select ‘My Account’ -> ‘Premium Services’.

But please don’t worry, there’s no way you could accidently activate it. You will always be notified in advance that this service is liable for costs. Furthermore you will also need to enter your account data first, because otherwise, where would we get the cash from? ;o)

Playing the Hello Kitty Online game will be free as well.

However, in the game you will be able to purchase certain items.

Of course you will always be notified in advance if we start to charge a fee for a service.

What are Kittypoints, how do I collect them and what can I use them for?

May 29th, 2008 by

Kittypoints are your reward for using You can earn those points by using our services (e.G. sending mails) or from other funny events. You will be notified from which events you are able to earn points.

As soon as we are done creating the page, you can use your Kittypoints to gain access to special online content, created by the design team. These are exclusively on and limited to our most loyal users.

Now you’re probably wondering how to earn certain amounts of points, so here’s a little list.

Sending an email will be awarded with 10 points. By simply logging in you already gain 15 points. Just for registering with us you already earned 200 points!

Of course there’s a daily limit for Kittypoints to prevent abuse, but we won’t tell you the exact limit here.

The Kittypoint display is updated once a week only, so you won’t see your current amount everyday.

There will be several features for converting your Kittypoints later. No further details are known yet, but this should not keep you from collecting. ;o)

How can I send an email with an attached file?

May 29th, 2008 by

In order to attach a file to your email, simply click on [Attach] next to Attachment.

In the first step you just click on ‘Browse’ and pick a file from your hard drive you wish to send with your mail.

Afterwards at ‘Step 2′ you simply click ‘Attach’ and wait a little until the filename is shown in the little window below.

Lastly simply click on ‘Done’. Afterwards you can finish writing your mail and/or send it.

A wrong time is displayed to me in the forums. How to change this?

May 29th, 2008 by

You can easily set this yourself. Simply log in to your account and click ‘My Account’ on the upper left. Then click ‘Options’ on the right side of the bar below and lastly on ‘Preferences’.

At the following page you will find the ‘Time Zone Settings’ at the very bottom. Just chose your time zone there. For UK it would be GMT Greenwich Mean Time.

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