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Nude Skincare Hydrating Water

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

nude hydrating water A delicate, nurturing hydrating toner. Nude Hydrating Water removes all traces of cleanser while calming and hydrating the skin.

Soothing rose and toning vanilla floral water refresh the skin while prickly pear helps lock in moisture. It’s great for normal, dry, and sensitive skin types.

L’Occitane Almond Delicious Tummy

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Cellulite! Most women are haunted by it! Yes, even thin women!

It’s a skin condition that makes the skin dimpled or look like orange peels. It’s caused by large fat cells that pulls the skin thus creating the dimples. The usual problem areas are the stomach, thighs and buttocks.

Many products and medical procedures have been developed to address this problem. Since most women are afraid of undergoing painful and expensive medical treatments, they’d rather buy products that can aid in their problem areas. Slow results, cheap and safe!

loccitane almondL’Occitane Almond Delightful Shape is a cream gel formulated to both firm the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. From the very first application, the skin is softer and more supple. With continued use, the appearance of the skin improves—it’s noticeably smoother and firmer.

Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Defense Moisture Lotion

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Rain or shine, we always need protection from the sun!

peter thomas roth Max Sheer All Day Defense Moisture Lotion is an ultra light, greaseless hydrator rich in moisturizers. This moisture lotion contains ceramides, ginkgo biloba, antioxidant micellized vitamins A and E, and parsol 1789, which provides extra sheer protection against UVA rays. Good for all skin types. Fragrance free, SPF 30.

Ojon Tawaka "The Ball"

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

OMG! What’s this? Very intriguing! At first, I thought it was a home decoration, but it’s actually a scrub treatment. :P

ojon tawaka ball

Ojon® Tawaka™ "The Ball" buffs away dryness as it infuses your skin with the powerful antioxidant and purifying properties of a rare blend of wildcrafted Tawaka™ ingredients. "The Ball" prepares pores for treatment while removing debris and refining surface texture. Buff the ball in a circular motion over the body to help stimulate circulation. Your skin will glow with a velvety, satin, never-oily finish as it polishes and smoothes, revealing beautiful skin you’ll be proud to show off. This ancient blend also helps prepare skin for self-tanning and post-bathing treatments.

NARS Mini Monoi Body Glow and Body Glow II Set

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

nars body glow Our skin screams for moisture during summer. Here’s a great product from NARS that not only gives moisture but also makes the skin more radiant.

NARS Body Glow products contain the ultimate natural skin elixir, Monoï de Tahiti oil, in a lightweight formula that quenches skin, giving it a soft, healthy gleam. Body Glow combines the deeply hydrating oil with a drop of vanilla essence and a chocolate shimmer, imparting a glistening, golden glow year-round, and intensifying a natural tan as it soothes and moisturizes skin. Monoï Body Glow II is a multi-purpose, transparent beauty oil that is ideal for use as a daily moisturizer or massage oil, and absorbs quickly for a radiant glow.

Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Summer is a great time to flaunt those sun-approved beauty products. Here’s one that should always be in your beauty or beach bags.

juice beauty mist A vitamin enriched hydrating toner to refresh, rehydrate, and balance the skin. Use daily after cleansing and whenever a burst of energizing refreshment is desired. Pure, certified organic essential oils of Bulgarian rose super hydrate, while ylang ylang promotes a sense of euphoria.

L’Occitane Shea and Organic Cleansing Milk

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Summer is here and the temperatures has increased and so are our chances of having dry and irritated skin. As much as we want to achieve that perfect tan, the sun can do a lot of damage to our skin causing it to be very irritated and sensitive. Once our skin is irritated, we are not allowed to use strong skin products, but L’Occitane has something gentle and very mild that anyone can use.

shea milk This is a delicate and silky facial cleanser for sensitive and irritated skin. This moisturizing cleanser gently cleans, dissolves makeup, and tones in one gesture thanks to the simplicity of a blend of shea butter and organic cotton extract. With no need to rinse, this delicate cleansing milk protects the skin from the irritations that hard water and heat can cause. With one gentle application it returns suppleness and brilliance to your skin.

Philosophy Acne Kit

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Everyone of us has always been haunted by pimples, mild acne or even major acne. It is not only in puberty age does one encounter acne, but until adulthood. It is such a pain to have those pimples and blemishes. Once an area has been treated, another area will be infected. It’s like a vicious cycle.

Going to the dermatologist may be the best solution, but not everyone can afford laser treatments and dermatologist exclusive medicine. A lot still buy from cosmetic counters and drugstores. Even if the results from these are slow just as long as the product works.

Philosophy is actually a nice brand. I’ve always used their shower gels and lip gloss and now they offer a four-step approach to treating acne that is benzoyl peroxide free (I presume no stinging XD):

philosophy acne Step 1 - suppress excessive oil production, Step 2 - shed the pore wall (exfoliate), Step 3 - help sanitize the skin to protect against bacteria, and Step 4 - seal the skin to help keep the good treatments in and the bad elements out. The result? Clear, glowing skin that’s free from blemishes and impurities.

Set includes a 3.3 oz On A Clear Day Super Wash For Oily Skin, 1 oz On A Clear Day Blemish Serum for Adult Acne, 1 oz On A Clear Day Hydrogen Peroxide Cream, and a 1 oz On A Clear Day Protection Cream.

Boo Boo Zap!

Monday, March 17th, 2008

booboo Begone redness and swelling! Never fear, Boo Boo Zap is here! This daytime zapper is the perfect blend of salicylic acid and camphor to sabotage boo boos with lightning speed. Even through makeup, just a dab will do…

This item from Benefit Cosmetics is truly the super hero and lifesaver of humanity from the dreaded pimples! XD Works like a charm. Besides zapping pimples to oblivion, it also reduces scars left by previous zit battles.

Laura Mercier Lip Silk

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

I went out of town a few days ago and has experienced ultra-chapped lips from the very moment I stepped in the Hongkong airport until I got home a few days after. It was really a bother, not only does chapped lips look terrible, it also hurts. :(

laura lip silk This little tube here that I found in my make-up kit was my lifesaver! It’s called Lip Silk from the Laura Mercier skincare collection. It retexturizes and removes dry, flaky skin. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth since it has a nourishing blend of vitamin E and essential fatty acids.